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5 Excuses That Shouldn’t Keep You From Traveling With Your Kids


I have the travel bug. I come by it honestly, as my parents have the same desire to routinely leave their daily life behind in favor of an adventure. So many places to see, so little vacation time to see them!

At the age of four, my oldest son has it too! He talks of seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan, glaciers in Alaska, and of course, Walt Disney World in Florida. I did say he was four… I kind of love it. He reminds me of myself and I hope to expose my children to as much of their travel dreams as possible.

There are always factors that can keep us from traveling. Finances, vacation time, health… these are legitimate concerns that dictate where we can go and when. That being said, there are a few excuses that shouldn’t keep you from traveling with your kids. First on the list, pets. Don’t fret if you have pets – simply change your routes and start using pet friendly hotels. This is a great way to truly bring the whole family along – pets included.


1. We can’t afford it.

I get it. Finances really do dictate a lot of our decisions in life, but there are a lot of places you can travel to that don’t require a ton of money. Try a staycation and play tourist in your own city! Do a road trip and save yourself the cost of airfare! Spend a few weeks camping, sleep in a tent and roast s’mores around a campfire! If you really want to do that trip to a more expensive destination, start saving! It’s all about priorities.

2. Our kids won’t remember it.

Who cares! You will, and you’ll have some pretty amazing photos and videos to show them when they’re older! If we stopped doing things because our kids wouldn’t remember, we’d end up sitting in our homes every day until the youngest is 8 years old. That’s not okay with me.


3. It’s too much work.

Kids are work, so what difference does it make if you’re feeding them at your kitchen table or on a beach in Hawaii? Diapers will always need to be changed, baths will still need to be given and meltdowns are inevitable. That’s life, and you signed up for it the moment you decided to become parents. When I think back on some of our more hairy situtions on the road, I’m still glad I took that trip. The good moments overshadow the bad.

4. I’m too busy.

I get that stepping away from work and other life responsibilities can be a struggle, but we work to live, not the other way around. Life is what you make it, and if you choose to stay in your comfortable 9-5 day in and day out, you’ll be kicking yourself once your kids have grown up and moved out. It’s an opportunity missed. When I reflect back on my childhood years, my fondest memories are those of traveling with my family. I remember no work, less stress, and a lot of laughter! No one can take those moments away from me.

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5. I’ll travel when I retire.

I kind of hate this one. No one knows what the future holds. We don’t know how much time we have on this earth, what kind of struggles we may encounter or what shape we’ll be in when we’re 65+ There are no guarantees! Embrace where you’re at in your life right now and make the best of it! Make every moment count!

Dare to dream. Open your eyes. Make a travel bucket list. Get out there and do it! Don’t let these excuses hold you back any longer! Life is short – get out there and get traveling with your kids!

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