5 Funny Signs You’re a Breastfeeding Mom

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As wonderful as being a breastfeeding Mom is, it’s not all bonding and baby smiles. Some days I find it really hard to have a child attached to me 24/7! In an effort to deflect my frustrations, I bring you humor. If you’re a breastfeeding Mom too, perhaps you can relate?

Here are 5 signs you’re a breastfeeding Mom.

  1. You change your clothes multiple times a day.
    Oh no, not because of baby puke (though that’s a factor too.) No, you’re changing multiple times a day because your body can’t seem to figure out whether it’s hot or cold. Over the course of approximately 8 hours, you’ll go from a heavy sweater, to a tank top, to a light sweater, to a t-shirt. You’re cracking open windows like a woman going through menopause, only to be turning the heat up a few hours later. Don’t even get me started on night sweats…
  2. You cannot leave the house without breast pads.
    There’s not much worse than discovering you’ve left your house without boob leakage protection. Oh wait, yes there is! Discovering you forgot to put them on on your way to church! I’ve actually had to stuff toilet paper and burp blankets down my bra to prevent myself from walking around with stains on my shirt. How’s that for feeling attractive!zoo5 (1 of 1)
  3. You go everywhere with your baby.
    Hopefully your friends and co-workers get that wherever they invite you, baby will follow. If they aren’t understanding you’ll end up just staying home having a Netflix marathon of Gilmore Girls. This is life as a breastfeeding Mom! You are now a package deal until the day baby decides to wean!
  4. You’re a baby laxative.
    That’s right, within seconds of your baby guzzling down that sweet milk, all kinds of noises will begin rumbling from their behind. You may even get a full on diaper explosion during that tender moment of bonding, resulting in… ugh, let’s not go there. That liquid gold is just far too potent and powerful to stay inside for very long.
  5. The stares.
    Some people will give you a thumbs up or encouraging smile as you try to feed your child discreetly, (we like these people) and others will gawk at you like you’re some kind of freak show. How dare you pull that thing out in public! Who knew a meal could be so controversial in a world where folks walk past Victoria Secret signs with no more than a glance!
Ultimately, we’re proud of being a breastfeeding Mom! It’s worth all the pain and awkwardness it brings because we know it lasts for such a short time.
So let’s do our best to laugh off those moments that make us want to cry, and remind ourselves that one day, we won’t have to buy bra’s that come unhinged at the top.




  • Heather Owens

    BIG THUMBS UP! 😉 I remember when Micayla was nursing and I had taken her with me to a Christmas party. For the first time in a while I decided to go all out and wear my hair up. It was quite elegant. However when it came to nursing time in the back bedroom, she screamed and screamed. When I finally realized that it was my hair, I pulled it all down and she immediately starting to nurse and relax. They get what they want…don’t they! 😉 Oh for the love of babies…and for keeping them quite! (One of my favorite all time books when I was a nursing mom for myself and to recommend to others was “The Nursing Mother’s Companion” by Kathleen Huggins. It’s like a bible to nursing.)

    • Alma

      Yes!!!! That is the best book for nursing!! I was about to call it quits after a hard time nursing only for 2 months when a lady at my pediatrician’s office gave it to me as encouragement. I breast fed for 13 months. LOVE that book! I highly recommend it to anyone out there nursing or planning to nurse. A great website is Happy reads, and happy nursing!

    • momentsinmommyland

      Haha, thanks Sarah! And I TOTALLY look forward to nursing my babies during pregnancy too. It’s once I hit the three month mark and haven’t had a break that I begin to ‘feel’ the drain.

  • Denise

    I totally had the no breadt pads ordeal in church this Sunday. I didn’t realize it until halfway thru the sermon. Thankfully I had extras in my diaper bag and I only leaked thru my nursing shirt. Love all 5 of these!

  • Andrea

    Good for you all! My “baby” is now in the double digits and she refused to give up breastfeeding until she was 4 1/2 years old. It was such a busy time in my life but looking back I am so glad that I let her go as long as she needed. It was a wonderful bonding time . I also recall how she loved to play with my hair as she fed. She still to this day loves to touch my hair. 🙂

  • Kelly

    I forgot to wear breast pads in my strapless bridesmaid dress at my dear frend’s elegant wedding. If you look at her wedding photos- there’s me with pretty hair, tired eyes and two dark , wet circles right on my chest area!

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