Fresh start after vacation
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We’re Back from Florida | A Fresh Start

We’re back from Florida! *Picture me waving to each one of you* We’ve just returned from a week sailing around The Bahamas with Disney Cruise Line followed by a week at Walt Disney World. To say we’re tired would be a massive understatement; especially considering the three hour time change has the kids waking up super early.

The kids all have colds and I’m fighting it as well. Ella and Noah have had a pretty decent fever, but I’m glad that this illness hit us on our last day and not earlier in our trip. We’ve had a gastro bug on a vacation before and I never want to relive that!

Fresh Start after Vacation.
Enjoying the splash pad at one of our Resorts in Disney.

We had a blast! Ella was all about meeting every character she saw and the boys were very much into the rides and pools. Noah fought Darth Vader (again) and the kids got to meet BB-8, their favourite Star Wars character. I have a ton of things to tell you about in regards to our experiences, but I’ll save those things for other posts.

As much fun as we had, we were ready to come home. Around day 10 we started to really slow down. We missed our dog, our own bedrooms, and our low key routine and schedule.

Fresh start after vacation
The food WAS good on our cruise!

We got really sick of eating out, despite enjoying the food we ate. I like having more control and options in regards to what we eat. I’m happy to be back home and able to cook our own meals and bake our own snacks. We did have a small kitchen at our DVC rental, but no stove or oven because it was a studio. Our options were limited.

We can’t wait for gardening season to begin. Nothing beats fresh fruit and veggies from your own yard. We also decided to take the plunge and get chickens this year. It’s exciting! My husband prepped the land for where our coop will go and we’ll likely pick up some layers come late Spring. Farm fresh eggs for the win!

A big thing I realized on our trip is that I’ve been spending too much time on social media at home. It is such a time suck! I need to trade some of those hours for reading, working out, and simply sitting quietly in reflection. Some times I long for the days before cell phones. We’re too obsessed with technology and I don’t think faster always means better.

Fresh start after taking a family vacation
Enjoying ice cream on the cruise.

Speaking of social media, I’ve also realized that I’ve been following the wrong people. I discovered that there areĀ  a lot of families who have chosen to live a similar lifestyle as us: Christian homeschoolers who live on acreages. It’s pretty specific niche. This is the kind of thing I need to see in my daily feed. It encourages me in our journey and puts me in a much more positive space than following fashion bloggers or people who travel full time.

Going away for the past couple weeks has once again solidified our choice to homeschool. Our kids learned so much and experienced many new things. Noah’s swimming abilities really took off with little instruction, simply because of the constant exposure to the water. The kids talked to families and Cast Members from around the world. They tried new foods. They put on their bravery and did some things that scared them. I’m really proud of how they did!

We hope to expand on our travel repertoire and visit some new places over the next few years. This trip was really about Ella experiencing Disney, and now we’d like to do something different. The Parks are going to be very busy with Star Wars land opening, so we plan to let those crowds simmer down a bit before we return.

As fun as traveling is, coming home is a wonderful reminder of the things you left behind. It’s a fresh start. An opportunity to do better and be better. I’m excited to dive in again once we’re over this sickness.

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