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bechard family photo
Photo by Sakura Photography

…and then she said, “You know, all of this is going to change once you have children. You can’t just pack them up and travel wherever you want to go.”

I smiled at her while I rubbed my sixth months pregnant belly. “Watch me.”


Welcome to The Bechard Five! We relocated from Greater Vancouver to a small acreage in Mission to focus on a more simple and focused lifestyle. We homeschool our three children, surround ourselves with animals, and aim to spend our money on experiences and memory making over stuff.

This isn’t the dream for everyone, but we’re living ours.


    • momentsinmommyland

      Cool! We are actually planning to move out that way in a year or two. Right now we are on the Langley border in a townhouse, but we’d like to get a house with a decent yard!

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