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Hi – Thanks for dropping by The Bechard Five site! We’re so glad you’ve wandered over!

My name is Carolyn, and I’m the stay-at-home Mama behind this space. Mat is my husband, and he works as a Mechanical Engineer . We have two boys, Noah and Asher, as well as a daughter, Ella Rose. We’re grateful to call 4 acres in the Fraser Valley of Vancouver home.

We believe in living our best lives today, which is how we ended up living in cabin country. We moved away from the city I’d lived in my whole life and started fresh, adding two dogs and four chickens to the mix. We homeschool our kids so that they have the freedom and flexibility to follow their passions, encourage a stronger family bond, and to better incorporate our faith in Jesus.

Traveling is extremely important to The Bechard Five. Whether we’re flying across the continent or exploring more local destinations, we believe in the importance of creating memories together. Our goal is to share these experiences with you in hopes that it’ll inspire you to do the same!


    • momentsinmommyland

      Cool! We are actually planning to move out that way in a year or two. Right now we are on the Langley border in a townhouse, but we’d like to get a house with a decent yard!

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