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Interview with BY LAUREN LA ROSE - Canadian Press
Interview with LAUREN LA ROSE – Canadian Press

Carolyn Bechard is a stay at home wife, Mother of three, and the voice behind The Bechard Five. What began as an online journal to keep friends and family up to date quickly turned into a way to communicate and reach other woman across the country and beyond. She continues to write about the joys and struggles of Motherhood, while also sharing tips and reviews in regards to travel and family friendly products. She is highly active on various social media channels and is an expert on traveling with young children.

Carolyn has worked with various PR firms, brands, and Tourism boards to bring authentic messaging to the online world. She believes there’s a story to be told in and around every product and destination and knows how to deliver it in an authentic way.

To contact Carolyn about business opportunities, reach out to her at momentsinmommyland[at]Hotmail[dot]com

A few of the great brands we’ve worked with!

Disclosure: This blog does accept product, payment, travel, tickets, and other forms of compensation. All thoughts are my own and are always honest. I do not guarantee social media coverage or a post without an agreement between site and seller and/or experiencing said product. I also cannot write/support something that I do no believe in.
Please note that due to amount of requests we do have a sponsored post rate. Please contact Carolyn for further details.



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