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Am I Still Using Essential Oils?

You may remember a few years back that I started dabbling in essential oils. I did a lot of research, chatted with a lot of folks, and ended up purchasing a kit from a popular MLM brand. Over two years have now passed. Am I still using essential oils? Yes, I am. But not in the same way.

How The Journey Started

My interest in oils actually started ten years ago. We were at a family friends house and I came down with an awful headache. The lady of the house offered to smother my forehead with peppermint oil, and although I thought it was weird, I was desperate for relief. Imagine my shock when it actually worked. I was an instant believer and she sent me home with my own bottle.

From then on, I always kept a bottle of peppermint in my medicine cabinet. I also purchased various company’s versions of Lavender for my anxiety, and immune boosting oils to keep the germs in our home low. I didn’t pay much attention to what was in the specific brand, only how easily I could purchase it.

Suddenly, oils became cool and common. I had multiple friends selling them and getting my hands on various smells became easy. I had also decided to cut back on my usage of candles, knowing that the fragrance in them wasn’t really great for the family on a daily basis. I purchased a Young Living starter kit and truly loved the oils. I trusted the brand and found the oils to work.

Essential Oil Roadblocks

Then I hit some roadblocks. After my starter kit began to run out, I found replacing my favorites to be very expensive. So expensive in fact, that I could no longer justify purchasing. And I had continually heard that if an oil was affordable, it wasn’t pure. Not only that, but several companies were suddenly promoting the practice of ingesting their oils, and my red flags went up.

Like I said, I did a lot of research. One of the huge takeaways I got from studying articles from certified aromatherapists is that you never should ingest oils, because the concentration is insane. Yes, I believe the oils are pure and safe, but you’d never sit down and eat 30 lemons in one go, would you? Putting a couple small drops of essential oil in your water bottle is pretty near the same thing. Nope. I’m out.

I went back to the drawing board. I didn’t want to give it up, but I needed to find a brand that was affordable, came highly recommended by certified aromatherapists, had good standards in regards to testing, distillation, and sourcing, and had great customer service. I ended up with Plant Therapy.

Why Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is not an MLM. I’m not getting paid to tell you that I chose them or being given any kind of discount on product. I came to buy their products based 100% on my own research and positive experiences.

I also want to add that I have nothing against the MLM brands of essential oils. I liked them and they worked! I think it’s great that people have been able to make some extra income by working out of their homes. I just couldn’t afford them and I didn’t like a few of their practices.

I love that with Plant Therapy, everyone can access the site. You don’t have to be a member to buy their products. They have free shipping, even to Canada. They’re all about knowledge and openness, and safety matters to them. They’re also big supporters of charities. That’s the kind of company I feel good about giving my money to.

Do They Work?

I feel they do. Most of the time I’m using oils for their scent, whether it be to make my home smell good or to help us relax. It was a replacement for my constant candle burning.

My kids will often as me to put drops on their pillow before bedtime. Ella and I often have a few drops in our baths at night. I also bought their Respir Air, as RC was an oil I ordered from Young Living a lot. For these purposes, Plant Therapy has been great. It’s allowed me to fall in love with oils again because It’s not a big hit financially.

I can’t say whether they work for pain, as I have yet to purchase any of those oils. I will though! I still have a bit of my Young Living bottles (Copaiba and Panaway) to use up first. And I’ll add again, I do like my Young Living oils a lot!

In closing, yes, I’m still using essential oils. No, I’m not using the same brand that I was. And it’s not because I don’t like them. I’ve just found a brand that I’m more comfortable with for multiple reasons.



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