Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast | A Live Action Tale as Old as Time

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Beauty and the Beast, the latest live-action release from Disney. It’s not surprising considering the all-star cast, which includes Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, along with other superstars like Emma Thompson at Mrs. Potts, Sir Ian McKellen as Cogsworth and Ewan McGregor as Lumiere.

But just because the film is full of talent does not mean it will automatically be a hit. In
this case, Beauty and the Beast certainly seems to be charming audiences all over the world, spending multiple weeks
at the top of the box office.

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A little late to the game thanks to three young children, I finally got around to see the movie with a few girlfriends nearly a month after its release. I was skeptical as to whether I’d enjoy it. Emma Watson would always be Hermione to me, the young wizard with frizzy hair from Harry Potter. I also wasn’t sure I’d truly feel for a big hairy beast. Thankfully, I was wrong.

My Thoughts on the live-action Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson made a lovely Belle. Her gentle yet determined nature shone through beautifully, though I could have done without the intense auto-tuned singing. Dan Stevens totally held his own in the vocal department and as expected, his glimmering eyes helped convey the human behind the beast.

I did struggle to connect to the enchanted objects around the castle, such as Lumiere and Cogsworth. They were incredibly done, but the half-human, half-object faces just felt weird to me. By the end of the film I found myself genuinely concerned for their well being, so that does say something.

Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast
Gaston and LeFou were the highlight of the film for me. Any time they were on camera it was a blast to watch! The tavernscene was my favourite in the entire movie! It was full of hilarity and Josh Gad was just perfect! I love how they gave more depth to his character,LaFou; you could actually see him changing from Gastons faithful sidekick to someone questioning his motives. At one point, as Gaston and the villagers are storming the castle, LeFou makes a comment about who ‘the monster truly is’ and you can tell he doesn’t mean the beast.

There were some fun twists in the live action Beauty and the Beast in regards to the villagers and the enchantress who casts the spell. The beauty and eeriness of the castle was a lot more enjoyable to watch since it wasn’t cartoon, and Belle’s golden dress in the famous ball room scene was stunning!

Luke Evans as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast

Can you take the kids to Beauty and the Beast?

Be warned that the wolves are certainly more scary in this version and Gaston is far more sinister, but for the most part the storyline and music is right on track with the original. Also, the ‘controversy’ that encouraged many to take to social media demanding bans again Disney and signed petitions over the character of LaFour were beyond ridiculous. The whole thing was blown completely out of proportion .

This new live action version of Beauty and the Beast is worth seeing, either now in theatres or once it arrives on Blu-Ray. If your older children don’t scare easy I would have zero issues bringing them.



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