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Why I’m Becoming A Travel Agent (On Top Of Everything Else)

When I announced that I was becoming a Travel Agent, most people we’re very enthusiastic. Travel has always been my passion and I already spend a fair amount of time helping others book trips. It just makes sense, right?

I’ve been blogging for years and travel has always been a large part of those stories. I believe in making memories as a family and stepping outside our every day life to try new things. Travel writing has given me more opportunities to do that, but the landscape of that industry has been shifting.

Currently, it’s all about that model-like family on Instagram. If that’s you, work it. Leverage it! But we are not a family of models! I don’t envision spending every moment of a trip on my phone and my kids do not enjoy posing for an instagram worthy photo! We don’t have the 25k+ followers that is now required and we are not willing to buy or trade to get those numbers. It makes us authentic, but it doesn’t make us popular. I’m okay with that.

So what does a travel junkie like myself do to increase her income and find more travel opportunities? She becomes a Travel Agent! I emailed and chatted with a lot of companies before deciding to join up with Travel Best Bets. Things just clicked with them! I’ve been at it for about two weeks now and I’m surprised at how similar it is to the blogging world. Relationships are important, as is marketing and monitoring social media and trends. That’s all stuff I know how to do!

There is a bit of a learning curve, though. I have about a bazillion passwords to dozens of various booking sites. Each company has different rules and different terms and it can be a lot to absorb. There’s a ton of information! It’s not fun feeling like a newbie, but that’s what I am.

What drives me is my passion for it. I don’t mind learning, because I love it. I don’t mind researching the best flights, because I love it. I don’t mind explaining to someone about what ‘rope drop’ is at Disney multiple times a day, because I love it. I know I’ll love it even more when I see that family sail away for a week of much needed fun together.

I’m becoming a Travel Agent because travel is my thing. It brings me joy! I can work from home, and it’ll provide us with a bit of extra income. The details you find boring and stressful, I find fun and exciting. Like I said, it really just makes sense.

I can book pretty much anything, but my main focus will be Disney Vacations, Cruising, and All-Inclusive Resorts. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your trip, please feel free to email me about it. It doesn’t cost you a thing to use me!

You can reach me at It’d be my pleasure to help you!




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