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When Adventure Calls You | Visiting Bridal Falls, BC

Some days I wake up and crave an adventure. We haven’t had a ton of family time lately and felt the need to spend some concentrated time together. We didn’t have the time to spend the night anywhere, so we loaded the kids up in the truck and headed to Bridal Falls.

bridal veil falls provincial park
This girl is always up for a photo. So fun for Mama!

Bridal Falls is located in Eastern Chilliwack, near where the highway splits off to take you towards Hope or Harrison Hot Springs. It’s open from 8:00am to dusk and has lots of picnic areas and pit toilets. We arrived around 9:30am and there were only two other vehicles there.

Walking at Bridal Falls
Melt me! Noah is SO good about holding his little sisters hand when she needs help.

The weather was gorgeous and the kids were super excited to get out and explore. They loved walking beside and over the fast flowing creek and we stopped constantly to toss in rocks and take photos. If you weren’t dawdling as we were with three young kids, it would take you about ten minutes to get to Bridal Falls waterfall.

Almost at the top!

The last two minutes of the walk is fairly inclined, but it’s super easy to push through. If my two year old can do it, anyone can! Not sure I’d want to push a stroller up that trail though.

Speaking of a stroller, this was our first family exploration without one! It’s so nice to be at a point now where we don’t need a stroller on an average day.

Bridal Veil Falls
A view of the Falls

Bridal Falls itself is beautiful! You can see why they call it Bridal Veil Falls because of the way the water cascades over the rocks. We saw several people climbing beyond the fenced area to the very top, despite the signage saying not to do so. As much as I would have loved a photo up top, the kids were very aware of the rules and we didn’t want to set a bad example.

Family shot! These are my favourite kinds of moments 🙂

We originally planned to head to Othello Tunnels from here, but it’s unfortunately closed until the end of May. Next time! Today we were reminded how much scenic beauty is right in our own backyard, and we already have plans to hit up another natural wonder with the kids next weekend.


Fore more information on Bridal Falls, check out the official BC Parks website.



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  • Amanda

    You should check out Flood-Hope Falls in Hope. Super easy to get to (its right off the highway). Plus a short walk (don’t take a stroller!!!) up to the falls. They aren’t as impressive, but the hike is nice.

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