Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday with DK Books
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Celebrating Canada’s 150th with DK + A GIVEAWAY

Canada is a pretty awesome country! Whether you live on the west coast, the east, or central, this beautiful land is worth celebrating! It’s also a great time to add some more educational materials to your home library.

This month, we’re celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday with selections from DK books Canadian collection!

Celebrating Canada’s 150th Book Selections

Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday with DK Books

Here are just a few of the great selections from this Canadian themed collection!

Spell Check Canadian Edition
Celebrating Canada's 150th - Spell Check Canadian Edition

Containing more than 2000 words and paired with bright and colourful pictures, this book will make kids enjoy spell checking their work! Does that work have an ‘i’ or an ‘e’ in it? How do we know if a word should have ‘er’ or ‘est’ on the end? Full of new terms and explanations, Spell Check Canadian Edition is a wonderful source for any home library or primary school classroom.

Children’s Illustrated Dictionary (Fourth Canadian Edition)
Celebrating Canada's 150th - Children's Illustrated Dictionary

Dictionaries can be kind of boring, yes? Not in this case! Gone are the days of a boring word-filled black and white dictionaries. From A – Z your child will not only learn what the word is but also see a visual demonstration. Are there several meanings for the word produce? What does it mean to prefer something? Is such a noun, verb, or adjective? It’s all in here!

Children’s Illustrated Thesaurus (Canadian Edition)
Celebrating Canada's 150th - Children's Illustrated Thesaurus

Every writer needs a thesaurus; me included! Challenge and expand your child’s vocabulary with the help of this Children’s Illustrated Thesaurus! What’s another word for foam? Can we find a more fun word for dirt? Do journey and trip mean the same thing? Laid on in a similar format to the Children’s Illustrated Dictionary, this book will help your child get creative when it comes time to putting pen to paper!

DK Readers Our Great Prime Ministers

Celebrating Canada's 150th - Our Great Prime Ministers

I remember struggling with all the government facts in school. DK’s Our Great Prime Minsters book breaks down the history of our government and who the leaders of our country were and are today. It also talks about who is allowed to vote in an election, what the Queen of England has to do with Canada, and what an opposition party is. It even makes a great refresher for us grown ups! I know this book will come in handy a few years down the road when we study government.

Birds of Western Canada
Celebrating Canada's 150th - Birds of Western Canada
Part of primary curriculum in the province of British Columbia is to study communities. Along with learning about the people and history of our land, we’re also suppose to cover the subjects of local plant and animal life. What kind of birds can we spot in our own backyard? Birds of Western Canada can help! My boys love taking this book onto our deck and looking up what they see! Covering nearly 400 species, you’ll be surprised by the beauty and diversity of birds right here in Western Canada!

Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday doesn’t have to end this year. We should always be loud and proud about this beautiful country we’re blessed to call home! Adding any of these books from DK to your collection will help continue the love for years to come!

DK loves it’s Moments in Mommyland readers and have offered to giveaway a copy of Spell Check Canadian Edition and Our Great Prime Ministers! Follow the instructions below to enter.

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