Chelsea Hotel Room

Chelsea Hotel, Toronto, Ontario


Chelsea Hotel Room
Oh those beds! So amazingly comfortable!

Let’s get this out of the way right now: We are not downtown people! I like breathing room, enough sidewalk space to move comfortably with my stroller, and fresh air. You don’t get that in the city. You have to expect to be confined into small spaces.

That being said, if your travels are taking you into the downtown Toronto area, there is an option for families that’s comfortable. Look no further than the Chelsea Hotel!

Chelsea Hotel top floor view
The view from the very top floor of the hotel.

A lot of things to see in Toronto are in the downtown core. The CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, The Rogers Centre… You can easily head to the Toronto Zoo, Canada’s Wonderful, or Medieval Times from here too. If you find yourself visiting Sick Kids, it’s within walking distance.

Chelsea Hotel Bathroom
The Bathroom where our boys took several baths.

So why Chelsea Hotel? Because they cater to your littles! The rooms aren’t big, but they’re extremely cozy and functional. The staff is very attentive to kids, and they’ve made their markets and restaurants with child-friendly options. They have a great fence off patio with a water fountain that my boys were obsessed with.

Kids Activity Centre at Chelsea Hotel, Toronto
The kids zone! UNREAL!

There’s one very big reason to choose this location specifically: The kids zone! The Chelsea Hotel has a phenomenal kids centre and pool area! Your children can craft, play, slide, build, dress up or game. They can watch the fish in the tank or chat with the bunnies in their cage. The pool area has a hottub, 4-foot pool, and waterslide. I’m not kidding when I say my kids didn’t want to leave! PS – You can arrange for your kids to be watched without you if you need a little parenting break to explore solo!

Chelsea Hotel, Toronto
So much fun to be had!

If I have to take my kids into the city, it’s more important than ever to have a good home base. The Chelsea Hotel makes for a great place to relax away from all that chaos. It’s that little bit of breathing room, and it’s a place I’d return to again if our travels brought us here again! Highly recommend it!


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