Country Christmas at Timberline Ranch


“Christmas in the country, like another time and place. I see it in the little things, in every smiling face. It’s crystal nights and far off lights, and children count the days. Country Christmas, and love will lead the way.”

/ Roger Whittaker

As we drove along a deserted road near the mountains in Maple Ridge, I already knew this was going to be my kind of Christmas event. All was quiet and peaceful when we passed under the sign for Timberline Ranch, and we were greeted to the delicious smell of falling rain as we stepped out of our vehicle. We were here to experience an old fashion Country Christmas and the whole family was excited!

Upon checking in, I was immediately impressed with Timberline’s organization of this event. Everyone attending was booked into a specific time slot, which kept things from being busy and allowed everyone to participate without chaos or lines. All was calm.

Timberline Ranch | Country Christmas Activities

We walked from one station to another, decorating cookies, crafting ornaments for our tree and looking at a display of Christmas trees. Then we climbed aboard the wagon for a ride out to the barn where my oldest son got to experience his first pony ride! He was a little nervous being up so high, but toughed it out and told me it was his favourite part on the way home. There was also a petting zoo, hay maze and ring toss inside for those opting not to ride.

After heading back to the lodge, our boys enjoyed playing the numerous games and puzzles they had set up. There was also a photo booth to snap family shots and a café upstairs with drinks for purchase.


The staff were wonderful! Every single person we encountered said hello, asked us if we needed any directions or jumped right into the activities with our kids. I was so impressed! It’s made me seriously consider sending our children to their summer camps when they’re old enough!

Bechard Kids TimberlineWhat drew me to this event was the concept of a simplified Christmas. We were surrounded by nature and there were decorations everywhere, but nothing was flashy. The games were simple yet enticing for the children. The cookies we decorated weren’t perfect, but the kids loved them.

Carols were playing, horses were neighing and everyone had huge smiles on their faces. I don’t know about you, but that’s my kind of Christmas.

Country Christmas at Timberline Ranch is by advanced booking only. To make a reservation, visit their website, timberlinechristmas.ca

A country Christmas at Timberline Ranch



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