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A Day In The Life of This Country Mama

A day in the life of this country Mom…

Country Mama
Coffee with a view – one of my favourite things about living in the country.

At 5:30am I’m abruptly woken from my sleep. My morning alarm is going off, but it’s not one I can quickly silence. The toddler is hollering from her bedroom across the hall. She wants out of her crib.

I groggily walk across the hall and scoop her up into a hug. I walk blindly back to my room and drop her into the bed with my husband and I. I push the Netflix button on my phone app and let her watch Paw Patrol while I enjoy some quiet for another half an hour.

At 6:00am, I hear LEGO snapping and smacking together. The boys are up. Why can’t my children sleep til seven? It won’t be long before they’re requesting food and drink, so I drag myself from the warmth of my covers and head downstairs. The kids run ahead of me and flick on all the lights. It’s pretty dark when you live in the middle of a forest.

I've been considering quitting blogging.

Once I get them set up with cereal, toast, juice, and whatever else they’ve requested, I pull on my Hunters and head outside. I let our dog out of her large kennel and she sprints around the front yard letting off some energy and finding the perfect spot for her morning business. She’s a Husky crossed with German Shepherd, so basically, a bundle of energy with a ton of fur.

Somewhere nearby, an owl hoots. I look up at the sky and spot Orion in all his star-shining glory. Seeing the stars and moon so clearly every night is one of my favourite features of living outside the city. We aren’t so affected by the smog and bright lights clouding our view. When I first moved to this acreage, I was scared to go outside alone in the dark. It doesn’t make me so nervous anymore. Riley will make an absolute racket if any coyotes or cougars come around.

Living life as a country Mama
No shoes, no socks, no problem!

Back inside, I sit down to my breakfast while the kids watch a show and the dog rolls around on the carpet with a bone. Because we homeschool, our mornings are very low key. We aim to be dressed and washed up for the day by 9am, so that’s when school time begins.

The boys, ages six and four, have their own desks at opposite sides of the room. I set up the Preschooler with tracing letters and numbers then sit down to do more focused work with my oldest. Spelling, fractions, phonics… it’s the same as what other kids his age are learning, but we can accomplish it in a third of the time. Our two year old plays with her kitchen, stacks blocks, and goes up and down the slide in the centre of the room.

Once a week, a few friends from church will come over for a play date. Us Mamas get to drink coffee and have adult conversation, and the kids run wild from room to room on the top floor. It’s a real sanity break for me, and I’m thankful for this group that comes to visit us so frequently.

Life as a country Mama.
Room to breath. Room to roam. Room to explore.

After a couple of hours, we head outside to burn off some energy. If the weather is nice, the kids will head straight for the trampoline or swing set. If it’s raining, you’ll usually find them making some kind of mud soup filled with rocks, sticks and leaves. We chase the dog, kick the soccer ball, or go for a walk down to the bottom field. If it was Spring or Summer, we’d be in the garden weeding, turning, or picking. We have four acres of land to call our own.

Lunch is nothing fancy, usually a bowl of soup or peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The two year old goes down for a nap and the boys get to enjoy some quiet Ipad time. They’re really into Super Mario these days, as well as a farming game called Wild West. We don’t own a TV gaming system or have cable.

My parents live in the basement suite downstairs, so often during the week we’ll go downstairs for a quick visit. From 3-5pm is my concentrated clean up time. The kids help me do a good clean of the kitchen and living room spaces. I start on dinner, Daddy comes home, and we sit down to a family meal together.

Kitchen table as a country Mama
We spend a lot of time around the table, with little rush.

We clean up immediately after we’re done. I consider this my final to-do of the day, and I do it so that the rest of my evening is free to relax. I like to wake up to a clean kitchen and clean dishes.

The kids are asleep for 7:30 and it’s finally time for my husband and I to put our feet up. We chat, we watch Netflix, and we’re generally in bed by 10:00pm. The day will come early again tomorrow.

You’ll notice that most days we’re home a lot. The kids take swimming in the Spring and Summer and our oldest does piano during the school year. On Saturdays we do groceries and errands, and Sundays are for church. Our days are otherwise very low key. We purposely avoid becoming busy.

views of a country mama
Sunrise and sunsets are always enjoyed here.

If I could sum up our life out here in the country (which I use in the loosest sense of the word) I’d say it’s all about family. We do pretty much everything together. We learn together. We eat together. We work together. We play together. We’re a team, from the youngest to the oldest.

To be honest, that’s exactly what we dreamed of when we decided to do this move; slower paced life. We traded shopping malls and traffic for fresh air and dirt roads. And that, my friends, is a day in the life of this country mama.

P.S – We just decided to get chickens. It’s going to be a wild Summer!

Life as a country Mama

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