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Cruising During Pregnancy: Pros and Cons


Currently pregnant? Looking for a little rest and relaxation? Need a getaway with your special someone? Or maybe your family just needs a vacation from every day life! Have you thought about the idea of cruising during pregnancy?

Being pregnant can bring up a lot of nerves in us Moms, many of them justified! It’s important to keep your health and baby’s your first priority! However, if you’ve been cleared by your doctor there’s no reason you can’t venture out a bit from home. Many cruises will allow pregnant woman to come aboard until somewhere between 24 and 26 weeks along, but be sure to check specifics for each line.

I myself cruised in the Caribbean during my first pregnancy; It was during my 25th week and made for a great babymoon! However, there were both pros and cons that I experienced, so I thought I’d share a few of those with you today.

PRO: You’ll be treated like gold!

Whether I was lining up to check in for the cruise or looking for a chair on deck, I found that the staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable.

In Puerto Rico – Cruising During Pregnancy: Pros and Cons

CON: There’s a lot of walking.

Cruise ships are massive! You’ll spend a lot of time walking to the dining room, pool decks, theatres, etc. If you plan to visit the cities in which you are stopped at, you’ll be using your legs even more! Try to utilize any shuttle services or cabs, it’s the only way I managed while in port! If you dock near a beach, park yourself there for the day!

PRO: Ultimate in Relaxation!

Cruises are all about being pampered! There’s no cooking or cleaning to be done and your room attendant will even turn down your bed in the evening (with a chocolate on your pillow!) You do not have to lift a finger the entire week, which when you’re pregnant, is very welcomed!

Bahamas! – Cruising During Pregnancy: Pros and Cons

CON: Nausea may heighten.

The food options are endless on board, but if you find yourself being sensitive to certain foods and smells, that can be hard to avoid. There are hundreds of people around you eating whatever they like, whenever they want, so you’ll be bound to have a few moments of nausea. Sea sickness may also be heightened due to the constant swaying of the ship. Talk to your doctor before departure about ways to avoid sea sickness that are safe during pregnancy.

PRO: Kids activity Centres!

If you already have children, the kids activity centers will willingly entertain them for a majority of the day (depending on age.) This means that you can relax by the pool or head to the spa while the children have fun without you – and the activity centres are included in the price of your cruise!

Turks and Caicos – Cruising During Pregnancy: Pros and Cons

CON: Far from land.

There is always a medical team on board, however, if you run into a more serious issue it could cost you. You are often far out at sea or near a country that is not your own. This is why the cruise lines have limitations on who can travel during pregnancy, and you’ll have to present a note from your Doctor upon check-in explaining your good health.

Having experienced cruising while pregnant and knowing what I know now, I would absolutely do it again! Just make sure all your insurance is up to date and be aware that your energy levels may differ from what they would be on a normal vacation. Focus on the benefits of being on board verses what  you’ll see in port and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time.

Happy sailing!



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