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Is Disney’s Blizzard Beach Worth the Visit?

I was not expecting 30 degree temperatures during our February visit to Walt Disney World, Florida. Although it was a pleasant surprise, we were not prepared! I’d packed far too many pants and not nearly enough shorts and tanks. I’m not sure our jeans even made it out of the suitcase! We decided that a sunny Sunday afternoon was the perfect day to explore Disney’s Blizzard Beach!

After saying hi to the creatures at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and thanking the Phoneticians in Epcot, the kids and I were up for something new. In all our many visits to Disney we’d never done a water park. All three of our children really enjoy water play and we were looking to seriously cool off.

Disney's Blizzard Beach | Why It's Worth a Half Day Visit

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park invites you to not ski the slopes, but to slide down them! A ski resort that requires sun tan lotion? I’m in!

Disney's Blizzard Beach has a super cool melting glacier theme.
Fancy a ride to the top of Mount Gushmore?

Enjoy a relaxing tube ride down Cross Country Creek or spend a few hours floating on the waves at Melt-Away Bay. Take in the views of the Chair Lift before reaching the summit of Mount Gushmore, where you can then ride Summit Plummet, a 120 foot, 12 story drop slide!

Disney's Blizzard Beach gives you the opportunity to race your friends!
Are you up for a challenge?

Or if going fast is your thing, challenge another member of your party at the Toboggan Racers! Your time will be clocked and only one will be declared the winner of this exhilarating attraction!

Disney's Blizzard Beach offers a lazy river for a fun afternoon float.
Nothing is more relaxing than a chill ride…

As a family with multiple young children we spent a majority of our visit at Tike’s Peak. The miniature slides were the perfect size for our little ones and they included a mini inner-tube slope! Our one year old enjoyed trying to catch streams of water squirting from jets on the ground and the wading pool was a perfect depth for splashy fun for kids who could not yet swim. The entire area was surrounded by sand for digging and castle making and a ton of beach lounging chairs. We had no problem finding a spot to sit in the shade even in the middle of the day.

As always, the cast members at Disney's Blizzard Beach are top notch!
Frozen fun and a wonderful staff! My kids had a blast!

Although you are expected to supervise your children at all times, I was very impressed with the amount of lifeguards stationed around the pools. There appeared to be one for every slide and I’d often see others walking the lengths of slides constantly scanning the water. Safety is clearly a top priority, which is very reassuring!

You’ll find the cast members as friendly here as at any Disney Park. I won’t soon forget a security guard who assured me that my children being loud was totally okay. “They’re here to have fun and they aren’t bothering anyone. Don’t worry about it, Mom!” Ahhh…

Disney's Blizzard Beach has a great sandy area for play!
Sand castle time while Mommy and Daddy relax!

There are several restaurants at Blizzard Beach offering snacks and meals, but we saw many arriving with packed lunches. Be aware that towels are not free to rent and will cost you $2.00. Children who are not potty trained are expected to wear swim diapers and you are not allowed to change them anywhere except inside the washrooms.

Disney's Blizzard Beach offers a fun splash pad for toddlers!

Is Disney’s Blizzard Beach worth the visit?

We spent about three hours at Blizzard Beach, but had our kids been older we easily could have have stayed longer. I would suggest spending your morning taking in rides and shows at another park before heading here to cool off. The Water Parks typically close at 5pm.

Note: Water Parks are not included in the standard Park Hopper pass but can be added on to your visit at an additional cost.

We visited Disney’s Blizzard Beach while attending Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Land & Sea. Although we paid for a majority of our vacation, we were given special perks and passes to attend. 




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