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Should We DIY A Trailer? | AKA We May Be Crazy

We bought a 28 foot trailer almost two years ago. We got it for a great deal and it was in amazing shape considering what we paid. However, it’s totally outdated. Now we’re wondering, should we DIY a trailer?

DIY a Trailer
Our trailer before the first camping trip with the kids.

We spent five days camping while our townhouse was on the market, but that’s it. That’s the only time we’ve used the thing. We planned to sell it last Summer and gave it a deep clean. Even while we were prepping it for sale, we kept commenting on how great the space was. In the end, we never listed it. We planned to do so this year.

But the kids really love camping… I have happy memories of weeks spent camping as a child. There’s something special about it. I just booked three nights for June at a campground nearby and it cost us a whopping $105. That’s about as cheap of a vacation as they come. So the question is, do we embrace this, DIY a trailer, and fully dive into camping for a few more years?

As previously mentioned, our trailer is a 28 footer. Is has a bathroom with toilet, sink, shower/tub combo, and storage. It has a full kitchen with stove top, oven and microwave. There is a dining area and a couch for additional seating. The space can sleep 5-6 people, depending on how big they are. There is a queen sized bed at the back and two pull out doubles. This trailer has a ton of storage including a pantry, cabinets in the kitchen, dining area, around the beds, and underneath the beds.

Should we DIY a trailer?
This is our ‘master’ room area. So much storage all around the bed as well as underneath.

Here’s what I don’t like about the trailer

The fabric in the seating areas is awful, and there’s a lot of wallpaper through out including a mid-wall border. The cabinets are that early new millennium brown and it’s everywhere! There are random open cupboard holes that make me wonder if there was once a cupboard door on it. The original blinds are still covering the windows, and that once-again-awful-fabric has been added as an accent. Whose idea was that, anyway? There is also some random carpet in one spot. I have no idea why they did that.

DIY a Trailer - Dining area
The dining area which folds down into a double bed.

What I’d like to do

First of all, that fabric has to go. I’m not sure whether i’d have to actually sew never covers (I’ve never sewn a thing before) or if I can use a staple run to simply recover. Either way, they need to be recovered to something more neutral and less busy.

I want to repaint the walls. Based on my reading, you can’t easily remove RV wallpaper because it’s been built right into the walls. I hear it’s fairly easy to paint over, as long as you give it a good base with some messy but effective primer.

Considering a DIY of a Trailer
The Kitchen and sitting area of our 28 foot trailer.

Ideally, I’d like to repaint all the cabinets white. I know this is a very daunting task, so I think I would leave this until the previously mentioned things are done.

Finally, I want to make the trailer look more homey. I’d like to add some decor like art and a succulent plant, perhaps a stick-on backsplash in the kitchen, and maybe some new hooks and rails.  This thing has heat and running water, so we’re fortunate there!

Am I Crazy to DIY a Trailer?

Maybe this whole idea is crazy. Camping is about roughing it, I know. But an outdated trailer just feels more dirty and grimy than it actually is. If we turn this into a space we love to be, instead of something we simply sleep in, I think we’ll be far more likely to use it. It would also increase the value if we ever do decided to sell it.

Doing this means that my husband and I would spend our evenings outside overhauling the trailer instead of inside watching TV, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. In fact, we could probably use a project to work on together.

So what do you think, friends? Should we DIY a trailer? Remember, I have zero experience in sewing or woodwork.




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