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DK Books for Spring | Digging Into Earth

Have your kids come inside with their hands covered in dirt yet? Mine have! My children have been enjoying climbing rocks and watching things grow on our acreage, so it’s only natural that we’ve begun digging into our DK books for Spring!

Spring is such an exciting time, especially for those of us lucky enough to live in forested and floral areas! The grass gets long and green, the flowers bloom into bright purples and pinks, and creatures climb out of their winter dens! Around here we’ve witnessed squirrels, bunnies, humming birds, and even a cougar!

DK Books for Spring Collection 6

When my kids happen across a certain animal or amphibian, they automatically become curious about how they live their lives. Where do they sleep? Why do they move the way they do? Where are their babies? I love to feed this curiosity and it’s so handy to have DK books for Spring on hand.

DK Books for Spring Selections

Dk Books for Spring Collection 1

Forest Life and Woodland Creatures

Wondering what woodland creatures survive on for food? Curious about their cozy homes? Looking for a fun activity after picking up a few outdoor treasures? Then Forest Life and Woodland Creatures will be perfect for your little nature lover!

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Bugs, Bees, and other Buzzy Creatures

It’s natural for those buzzing bees and creepy crawlies to be slightly intimidating. But perhaps if we knew a little more about them, we’d realize we don’t have much to fear! Bugs, Bees, and other Buzzy Creatures will teach your child fascinating facts about the world of bugs! From how honey is made to the diversity of beetles, this bright book will make bug lovers out of the whole family!

Dk Books for Spring Collection 3

Utterly Amazing Earth

My boys love a book with pop ups, and this one has plenty! Your child will have the ability to watch the steps of an exploding volcano and see inside the water cycle. Learn the difference between a stalagmite and a stalactite and find out what exactly coastal erosion is. We don’t often think about what’s going on underneath the earth we stand on, but this book will fill you in!

Dk Books for Spring Collection 4

Nature Ranger

How do nocturnal animals see at night? How do we know what creatures has been where? Did you know that trees actually breath? All these answers and more can be found in the Eyewitness Explorer, Nature Ranger. From studying flowers to building a bat box, your child will enjoy pouring over this informative and fun book!

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Smithsonian Earth: The Definitive Visual Guide

Everything you have ever wanted to know about the ground can be found in Smithsonian Earth: The Definitive Visual Guide. Lightning, sandstorms, meteors, earthquakes… I could go on and on about the facts and amazing photos found in this book! If you have any interest in geography or science, I’d highly recommend adding this one to your collection. You’ll use it for years to come!

DK Books for Spring GIVEAWAY

Once again, DK Books have generously offered to giveaway a book to one of my Canadian readers! All I want you to do this time is leave a comment below specifying WHICH book you’d like to receive and why. I’ll randomly draw a winner on May 31st!

Best of luck!

*All entrants must be Canadian and may only enter once. Once confirmed the winner, I will forward information to my contact who will then send your prize to your home address. Winner accepts all responsibilities for prize at that point.*




  • Sara

    My little guy has been asking loads of questions about weather lately! We would love a copy of the Smithsonian Earth visual guide 🙂

  • nicky

    All these books look wonderful! I’d love to read Smithsonian Earth as I would learn a lot about our amazing planet!

  • Jeannie

    I would love to flip through Earth because my son is currently learning about the different layers of Earth and I think he would love to explore more into that topic.

  • Jonnie

    I would love Smithsonian Earth: The Definitive Visual Guide because it looks like it could really keep us busy learning.

  • Amanda McCrimmon

    Oh my boys would love Forest Life and Woodland Creatures! Exploring nature is their favorite thing to do, especially learning about animals from around our area.

  • Dana Miller

    I would love to share the Utterly Amazing Earth with my daughter! She is inquisitive and loves learning the details of the world around us. I am happy that she has an interest in figuring out the why’s and where’s and how’s of this planet and the life on it. She would be very excited about the extra features of pop-ups and flaps, and I know she’s insist on taking it to school to show her classmates. 🙂

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