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The Bechards Are Doing Alaska!

We’ve booked our big vacation for 2019. The Bechards are doing Alaska next year!

Our aim is to do one major family vacation a year, and sometimes it’s a real struggle to decide where that trip will be. There are just so many options out there!  2019 happens to be an extra special year, because it’s my husband and I’s tenth wedding anniversary.

Sailing among glaciers is a pretty breathtaking experience!

Though we originally planned to do Hawaii, since that’s where we were married, we ran into a few issues. One, flight prices have not been favorable lately. And two, we knew we’d need to rent a car and that involves car seats – we really hate dealing with car seats when we travel!

This is another reason why we’ve so often done Disney; you don’t need to bring car seats! There transportation system doesn’t require it, making our lives a million times easier with three young kids. But as much as we love Disney, we are feeling the need to branch out just a tad.

We’ve been talking about going back to Alaska for years. My husband and I did an Alaskan cruise with Celebrity for our honeymoon and we had an incredible time! It is really hard to give up the thought of a beach vacation though, especially when you can only swing one trip a year.

It wasn’t always this cold in Alaska, but hot chocolate was a must on glacier bay day!

Here’s what sold us; The biggest pro to doing an Alaskan cruise is that we don’t have to fly anywhere. Because we live in the Pacific Northwest, Alaskan departure ports are within a 1-3 hour drive from our home. It doesn’t get any easier than simply waking up, driving and parking, and boarding your vacation for a week!

Since I’ve became a travel agent, I come across a lot of good deals on a daily basis. The best I’ve seen in a while was the FREE at SEA deal from Norwegian Cruise Line. Cruising can get pricey for a family of five, so when you’re third and fourth passenger are FREE, it takes the cost way down! It was the cheapest Alaskan cruise cost I’ve seen in a while, and we felt the need to jump on it.

And third, we’ll be sailing on Norwegians newest ship – The Norwegian Bliss. This ship has a Go-Kart Track, laser tag, and a bowling alley. It also has tons of water slides, hot tubs, and a splash park, but I’m not sure how much we’ll actually use those in Alaska. It’s been said Norwegian has an amazing kids club and great entertainment, so I’m looking forward to seeing that first hand.

Ketchikan was my favourite port on our last trip to Alaska! How cool are these stilt homes?

We’ll be sailing through the Inside Passage and Glacier Bay, and making stops in Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan, Alaska. This trip will be focused on gold rush history, snow capped mountains, whales and sea lions, and fantastic food.

Yes, it’s a very different thought process looking into activities that don’t involve laying on the beach, but sometimes you have to opt for adventure over sand. We’ll likely head back to Florida or the Caribbean the following year.

I can’t wait for the family photos!

We’re really excited, since we know this is going to be a relaxing trip for my husband and I. It’s going to require very little effort to sink into vacation mode! We’ve always had a fascination with Alaska, and we can’t wait to show our kids it’s beauty!

Is Alaska on your bucketlist?

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