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I Don’t Want To Play The Game

I don’t want to play the game. What game am I talking about? The competitive, can’t keep up, buying followers to make my numbers look better, trading likes, make-sure-you-see-my-stuff-first, blogging game. Nope – as far as that stuff is concerned, I’m out. It’s not why I blog and I don’t like it.

Stormalong Bay
Family time is the BEST time.

I’ve done a lot of chatting with fellow bloggers since my return from Florida, as well as my own family. You’ve probably noticed a slow down in my blog and social media posts as well. Let me be clear – I’m not quitting blogging! What I am doing is freeing myself up from the responsibility of posting a certain amount, sharing only picture perfect images, and trying to make real money in this industry.

My life has changed a lot over the past year. We moved to the country, I have the privilege of being responsible for my kids education through homeschooling, and we’re focusing on a more simpler life. Part of that change means less time online. I never intended to be a work-at-home-Mom. My husbands has also recently received a pretty amazing promotion at work (go, hunny!) and I feel the need to support him in that as opposed to focusing on my own stuff. I need to be that rock at home.

Sweet treats from Venellopes
Special time with Daddy

Some woman thrive on working, making an income, or staying one step ahead of their industry. That’s okay, but that’s not me. That doesn’t fulfill me. I thrive doing the stay-at-home-mom life. I enjoy spending time with my kids, making delicious meals and snacks from scratch and hosting play dates.

That’s not to say I don’t get tired, overwhelmed, and impatient at times. Oh, I do! I need me time, too! But the life I’m living right here and now? It’s what I always dreamed of. It’s easy to get sidetracked and distracted from that though. Especially when you are online as much as I’ve had to be because of this job.

Fighting the Dark Side at Walt Disney World

Blogging has created some amazing opportunities for me and I am so grateful for that! I hope more still come! The difference is that I’m not going to let those things motivate my actions. I’m releasing myself from that obligation. Authenticity has always been my style and that use to be okay. In fact, I got work because of that! It’s not valued anymore and that’s a real shame. I’m not going to change who I am to make money. I won’t do it.

Moments in Mommyland posts will be more about country living, homeschooling, and family. I’m just a regular Mom doing my thing over here. I don’t want to be distracted. I don’t want to miss things. I don’t want to worry about fitting into a mold. If that’s worth following for you, great! I’m happy to give you a peek into our life.

Thanks for being here, friends. If you have a second, post a comment and let me know where you’re reading from. I’d love to know!

Let’s see where the next couple of years takes us!





  • Michelle B

    I enjoy following you for just this reason, you are real. I worked on a blog with my friend for two years and had to stop. It completely consumed my life. I had to step back and I am much happier because of it.

  • Lisa

    Quesnel, BC but you knew that 😉

    When you shared last week about a drop in followers due to the content that you posted, I was really proud of you.

    You shared who you are authentically and firstmost and didn’t backtrack to increase your likes.

    I’m so happy to see who you truly are and I think you are happy to be who you were made to be too!

  • Amanda

    Honestly, old school blogging is my fav! Your honesty and authenticity is attractive. I love the direction you are heading in. Follow your roots and why you started blogging in the first place! Following you from Abbotsford (and I promise I’m not stalking you in Costco!)

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