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Fast Dolphins, Burping Sea Lions & an Octopus

Yesterday we took our two boys to the Vancouver Aquarium!
They’ve got a deal on right now that if you go in April you get to come back in May for FREE! We had been wanting to visit for a while so this definitely helped convince us to go.

I find the Aquarium gets busier as the day goes on, so I like to be there for opening at 10am and gone by 1pm. If it’s a nice day you can then use the afternoon to wander the sea wall, ride the Stanley Park train, play at the the water park or head up to Prospect Point. You can easily spend an entire day at that park, but unfortunately we were rained out yesterday. We did take the scenic drive out, but that’s only because we took a wrong turn 😉




We hadn’t visited the Aquarium since Noah was about 7 months old, so it was brand new to him. He ran from tank to tank ooooing and aaaahing at all he saw. After a good five minutes of watching the Octopus Matt had to drag him away. Pretty sure he could have hung out there for a good long time! He also really liked seeing the big shark and turtle in the Tropical Zone (and I loved the warmth of that room!)

The Dolphin show was an expected hit. He thought it was so cool seeing them jump high and swim super fast! He thought the big Sea Lions making burping noises were hilarious and he was even brave enough to touch a sea star in the hands on area outside.




He and his little cousin Jack enjoyed Clown Fish Cove downstairs near the Dolphin Tank. There were tiny fish in tiny tanks, hands on activities, a play boat and dress up items. I loved that they had a curtained off nursing section with a comfy chair! At 10 months old Asher is very easily distracted by noise, so this was perfect and so appreciated! I even managed to catch a few minutes of one of the shows with my own private viewing window!



There’s a ton to see and do at the Aquarium and it made for a fun family morning! It’s a real splurge for us to visit, so for those who are in the same situation I’d highly suggest taking advantage of the free return visit deal they have going on right now. We are planning to head back next month to enjoy the sights again!



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