This Motherhood Journey

Focusing On The Positives In Your Life

Today I’m feeling very grateful to live the life that we do. 

It’s been a hard couple of weeks. My husband has been working crazy overtime and I’ve been on my own with the kids a lot. Instead of being frustrated by the long days, I’m choosing to be grateful that the kids dad has such a great job and the ability to work. He goes to his office each day without complaint and never brings home that weight. He’s giving me the ability to stay home with our kids full time and not worry financially. And when he’s here, he’s really here! He’s changing diapers, he’s emptying the dishwasher, and he’s putting the kids to bed. I pretty much hit the jackpot in the husband department! 

I look outside each day and pinch myself that I live here. We’re surrounded by trees, and I can view the mountains from my kitchen windows. My kids run free and roam amongst moss and rocks. We have dogs, we have chickens, and we have gardens. Our yard is a personal playground for our family. 

Our days are our own. We have such freedom because of our choice to homeschool. We can spend the day reading a novel or bake all morning in the kitchen. We study far away places and then make plans to go there. The kids learn how they want to learn, and they’re doing it together. That is a beautiful thing! 

These are lifestyle choices we’ve made. They are not without sacrifice. It’s easy to look at someone else’s life and envy what they have, but we often forget the journey it took to get them there. 

Be positive. Live a life of gratefulness. Figure out how to make your dreams come true. And then work hard to get there. 

Happy Friday, friends. 



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