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Hayward Lake, Mission

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If you had mentioned the idea of me moving to Mission, BC a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. When our family began looking at properties late last fall, the one direction I said I didn’t want to go was that part of the Valley. I really favored the idea of heading out further into Abbotsford or even Chilliwack and I loved the idea of being close to the Cultus Lake Recreation Area. I had no idea another such area existed in the Lower Mainland!

Then we stumbled across our new piece of paradise… Sitting on the border of Maple Ridge and Mission, the acreage is in the heart of recreation country! Within a short drive from our new place is multiple lakes. There’s Stave, Allouette, Rolley and Hayward. Hayward Lake is the closest to us at barely a five minute drive and at the moment, it’s our new favorite place to hang out!


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Hayward Lake is part of the Stave Lake reservoir and the Ruskin Dam, all owned by BC Hydro. Not only does it have a beautiful sandy beach with a shallow entry for kids and a beautiful view, but you can also participate in non motorized activities on the Lake like canoeing and fishing. It has well maintained bathroom facilities, picnic tables, free parking and trails around the Lake. Though dogs are not allowed on the main beach area, there is a specified off leash dog area within the park.

With it being Canada Day yesterday, it was obviously very busy. The main parking lot was closed to traffic by 11am, but there was still plenty of parking at the back lot which meant a longer walk for visitors who opted to sleep in. In talking to some locals (seriously, everyone is so friendly out here!) I heard the main parking lot is generally full on summer weekends closer to 1pm. It’s no wonder – such a gorgeous, clean, family focused park is truly hard to find these days! We were there shortly after 9am and had no problems finding a great spot on both the beach and in the shade.

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We foresee many days spent here as a family making memories. And for all my city folk friends, it makes a great excuse to head out and visit us in the ‘boonies’ for a day! It’s approximately a 45 minute drive from Surrey or half an hour from Langley.

Home is where the heart is, and believe it or not, my heart is becoming more and more attached to this new city we’ll soon be living in.




  • Viv Sluys

    Thanks for the tip! I love finding new (to me) swim spots. I live in Agassiz and had never heard of this spot!

  • Loranda

    Hi there,
    I came across your blog because we are a city family thinking of moving out towards Mission. I was hoping we could connect if you don’t mind! I’m really curious how you’re liking the neighbourhood and lifestyle for your children. We have 3 littles.
    You can contact me at
    Hope to hear from you!

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