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What Getting Healthier In My Thirties Looks Like

For those of you who didn’t know, I turned thirty-two a few months back. Turning thirty has definitely impacted my body in ways I didn’t previously think about. Getting healthier in my twenties looks a lot different from getting healthier in my thirties.

I’ve never really worried about my size. I’ve always been a curvy girl, and that doesn’t come with the model thin body you see on TV and in magazines. For the most part I’m okay with that, because (honest sharing), I like having a larger chest. My weight has always landed on my hips area, but that’s fairly easy to cover with the right clothing.

But now that I’m in my thirties? Oh boy, it’s not so easy to cover anymore. After three kids, my muscle tone and definition is severely lacking. Everything seems to be… sagging. Sure, I could go for a lift or a tuck, but I’m not a believer in cosmetic surgery except for extreme circumstances. I need to fix this myself.

I am not concerned about the number on the scale or the size of clothes I have to buy. What I care about is how my clothes fit and my ability to feel confident in how I am. I want more energy and to have a stronger body. I want to wake up and feel good about how I look and feel.

getting healthier in my thirties
Our last trip to Disney was the first time I looked at photos on a vacation and was unhappy with what I saw.

What Getting Healthier In My Thirties Looks Like

I’m currently on day 12 of Bikini Body Mommy 3.0. I love these workouts (on YouTube) because they’re free, short, and the instructor struggles through them as much as we do. Yay for real life! This specific session is 90 days long, but I plan to make this a lifestyle versus a three month thing. I need to be working out six days a week, even just for twenty minutes.

I haven’t lost any weight. I haven’t noticed any physical changes to my body except for a slight tightening in my abs. However, I definitely feel stronger and more confident. At the two week mark I was able to do more reps of each exercise and that’s huge for me. I did not think two weeks of exercise would already make me stronger.

I have never been into dieting. I believe that we should be able to enjoy great food (and treats) because a restricted life isn’t fun. Everything in moderation. Do I believe I’d lose more weight if I completely cut out carbs or chocolate? Sure. But that’s not a happy life for me, so I won’t do it! I’d quite honestly rather have a few extra pounds.

I’ve looked into various programs, but I cannot get on board with the costs. For the $100-200 they charge to join or use their program, I can buy a ton of healthy food at my local grocery store. Right now I’m spending an extra $20-30 a week but getting more fruits and vegetables and more protein.

I’ve noticed a difference in my size from just one year. My metabolism has obviously slowed down, because nothing else has changed in my lifestyle.

Other Ways I’m Getting Healthier In My Thirties

My next step to getting healthier in my thirties is lessening the chemicals we surround ourselves with. This is a hard one, because I really struggle to pay more for cleaning products that are better for us. The other problem we’ve run into is that our well water causes big time stains that aren’t easily cleaned.

I’m starting small. I’m already a lover of Young Living and diffuse oils in our home instead of candles. We use oils for coughs and colds, upset tummies, and headaches.

I hope to add a few of their items to our cleaning routine. I can easily make the switch when it comes to cleaning my floors, counters, and dishes. I hope laundry will be next. Bathrooms is the tough one! We’re on a septic system so I have to be careful in what I use because it could throw off the bacteria balance.

This photo is from two years ago and I felt really great here. I was about ten pounds lighter.

And lastly, I’m working on my mind. I’m getting better at saying no, and I’m speaking up for the things that really matter to me – whether others agree with it or not. I won’t allow toxic people in my life, and I’m making those who genuinely care about our family a priority. I’m eliminating stress, and focusing on quality time with my kids and husband. I’m reading more, and watching TV and movies less. I listen to music constantly, because it makes me happy.

This post ended up being a lot longer than I expected it to be, but I wanted to share with you the changes I’m making in my life. I don’t expect to lose 50 pounds. It’s a slow road to improvement, for both body, mind, and spirit. But I know they’re going to help me get healthier in my thirties.



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