Learning at Home

Homeschooling is Hard

Homeschooling is hard, yo. Yes, it is entirely possible to have passion for something and truly believe in it, but still struggle. This is me with homeschooling.

We are well into our third year of learning at home. I am currently helping our seven-year-old through grade 2 and our five-year-old through kindergarten, not that I think grade levels matter that much. Only the government cares about that. *coughs* ANYWAYS…

My oldest is doing a mix of grade 2 and 3 curriculum at the moment. My kindergartner has several grade 1 work books. Many of our subjects are done as a group, like science, socials, art, and PE. Honestly, it’s easier that way. We study the same thing and then I adjust the output expectations based on their age.

Now when I say it’s easier, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Some days I really struggle. It’s a job, and just like any job, some days I don’t feel like doing it. I would hate for someone to dive in without fully understanding what is required.

It requires planning and organization. It takes patience and flexibility. Enthusiasm and excitement are also a huge asset on this path. And the reason I struggle most and why I find homeschooling is hard, is because I very rarely get a chance to step out of that world.

I am with my kids more than the average person. Before you begin thinking I’m looking for pity, hear me out. I love my kids and feel grateful to be with them as much as I do. I chose this, and that’s on no one but me. Well, and my husband, ha. But just because I chose it and feel called to do it, doesn’t mean it’s not exhausting. Oh, friend, it can be extremely exhausting.

How’s It Different?

Sometimes when I see images of Moms off having coffee on a school day or heading to the gym, I feel envious. I remember what it was like to hang out in the break room and chat with adults for twenty minutes between classes, even if it was work. I do miss that at times.

Now, my entire day from the moment my kids are up until the moment they’re asleep is spent with my children. It’s like a maternity leave that never ends.

Has it got perks? Of course it does! I know I’ve got it good when you’re all rushing out the door at 7:30am and I’m still drinking coffee in my pajamas. Ya’ll are troopers, for real. But there are many days when I would trade that for an hour of silence.

Ultimately, all of us Moms struggle with that balancing act. Some struggle to find more family time, others struggle to get a second by themselves. Some can’t seem to get dinner on the table while others have hours to get groceries and cook from scratch.

I’m grateful for the path we’re on, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard. And some days, homeschooling is hard.



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