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I Don’t Think We’re Campers Anymore

I’m writing this from the comfort of my own home. I just enjoyed a cup of hot coffee, took a shower, and feel cozy and warm. Go ahead and call me a wuss, but I don’t think we’re campers anymore.

Don’t be fooled. This was when it wasn’t raining and we’d just arrived.

Maybe it’s because we live in an actual forest. Maybe it’s because we’ve been spoiled by nice hotels. Or perhaps, it’s because camping is a ton of work for all involved. Whatever the reason, we just aren’t feeling it. It doesn’t feel like a vacation. That’s what it’s suppose to be, right?

We booked two weekends of camping this year. We had to book them four months out, because otherwise you won’t get a site at the provincial parks. Both the weekends we booked turned out to be dark and rainy. It’s not like the olden days when you’d camp based on a weather forecast. You can’t do that anymore. It’s always a risk.

The first weekend we cancelled, but we decided to suck it up for the Canada Day holidays. Turns out, our dogs hate camping. They cried and complained the entire time and I couldn’t do so much as the dishes without having to stop them from barking. Stressful!

We like our trailer, because it’s warm.

The kids have fun inside the trailer, which is heated, but there’s not a whole lot of point sitting inside it all weekend long. We’d get more fresh air at home. They’re just excited to sleep in it. Even Ella was asking when she could go back to ‘Mamas house.’

We’re booked through til Monday night, but we’ll likely be back and forth between our site and home the rest of the weekend. When it’s not pouring, we’ll be at the campground. Thankfully we’re only ten minutes away.

It’s frustrating, but I think we’re ready to accept defeat. We’re just not campers anymore. Someone send me to a hotel.

Anyone want to buy our trailer?




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  • Kristy

    Having to book sites so far in advance was one of the reason we didn’t camp in Ontario. Instead, we boated. Now that we live in the Yukon, we camp a lot more. The trailer makes it more enjoyable than tenting it. And with 3 kids, warm indoor space is needed when it rains.

    I’m sorry you’re not enjoying it anymore. But if it no longer feels like a vacation, it’s tome to try something else. Or move to the Yukon!

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