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My Most Important Job is Being a Mom

This isn’t a popular opinion these days. In a culture that preaches women should aspire to more than just ‘being a Mother’, saying that my most important job is being a Mom is looked down upon.

“Okay, so you’re a Mom. But like, what do you do?”

I’ve had a bit of a rough week. I’ve come to some realizations in regards to my business life that have felt a tad like a kick in the stomach. When you don’t see the results you’ve worked for and hoped for, it hurts. Especially when you decide that being honest is worth the loss of work. It left me feeling frustrated and asking the ‘why bother’ and ‘is this even worth it’ questions.

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As my day was winding down and I was tucking my children in for the night, my four year old became upset. He was crying, which he often does, and wanted me close by.

My automatic reaction was to feel annoyed. This was suppose to be my time! I needed to tidy the kitchen and then planned to relax with some tv and a cup of tea. But when I took a good look at him, I could tell he wasn’t faking it. He was genuinely upset. Something was wrong and my Mommy instincts kick into high gear. He needed me.

I crawled into bed with him and pulled a blanket up around us. He rested his cheek on his hands and just stared at me, lip quivering while a single tear rolled down his cheek. And then he smiled. He took a deep breath and I could see his small body begin to calm.

I rubbed his back and held his gaze while his eyelids began to flutter. I was overcome with the feeling that this was a clear reminder for me about where I should be during this phase of my life. My most important job is being a Mom.

A blog about rediscovering who I am
Photo taken by Claudine Bechard

My kids need me and it doesn’t matter what brands I work with, how much money I bring in or how clean my house is. It’s not what’s important, yet it’s so easy to allow that to define you!

Working outside the home is often a necessity. Having hobbies is wonderful. And having that ‘me time’ is important for our health. But Moms? Let’s not forget how important those little ones in our homes are.

Yes, they’re exhausting and it’s often a thankless job, but we forget the power we hold. We forget the security we give and the influence we have. We need to remember how important our love is to these kids.

My most important job is being a Mom. I needed that reminder today.



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