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Jedi Training at Disney: How Does it Work?

So you have a Jedi wannabe in your house. They’ve watched the films, they know the characters and they dream of defeating the Dark Side. They’re going to want to participate in Jedi Training at Disney on your upcoming trip! But how exactly does one get chosen to be up on that stage with a cloak and lightsaber?

Jedi Training has changed a lot over the years. Being picked use to require your enthusiastic youngster to jump up and down in the crowd waving their arms wildly. Disney now uses a much more organized system that helps to avoid chaos and disappointment and ensures those selected can perform the actions required.


Jedi Training at Disney: How Does it Work?

Participating in Jedi Training at Disney

Before both you and your child get their hopes up, let’s make sure that they meet all the expectations:

1. Are they between the ages of 4 and 12?
2. Can they follow basic instructions and answer simple questions?
3. Are they okay standing in front of a large audience?

Jedi Training at Disney is an intense experience. They’re essentially performing in a show with life like villains who will talk to them and challenge them to fight. Loud music and smoke will be billowing around them and they’ll be expected to listen to their instructors while with them.

Jedi Training at Disney

To sign up, head to Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland Resort (it’s in Tomorrowland between Space Mountain and the Nemo Submarines) and at Indian Jones Adventure Outpost at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. You’ll want to head there first thing in the morning to secure a spot! Once the time slots are gone, they’re gone!

The child wishing to participate MUST BE THERE when you sign up. They will be asked a series of questions to test their listening abilities and performance capabilities. The Cast Members make it fun, so your child needn’t be worried about the process. You’ll be given a time slot and instructions about where to meet for show time. Make sure you arrive early to get your little Padawan geared up. An adult will be expected to stay with them until their group is led to the side of the stage.

Jedi Training at Disney| Fight the Dark side!

Jedi Training at Disney: What Happens During the Show?

When show time begins, the kids will be led by a group of Jedi Training Cast Members through a series of moves. After some practice, the Dark Lord will arrive and challenge the students to battle. One by one participants will go up on stage and fight the Dark Side. No one knows who they’ll be fighting until the moment arrives, but usually it’s Darth Vader or the Seventh Sister. A PhotoPass Photographer is generally on hand to snap action shots of your kids, so I suggest focusing on video footage and buying the pictures after.

Jedi Training at Disney | Our Young Padawan!

After the show ends your child will be sent back to you and will be awarded a special button. They do not get to keep the cloaks or sabers! They will de robe, give back the lightsabers, and you’re then free to head to your next activity!

If you’re unsure as to whether your kid would enjoy this experience, plan to watch it in person or online before signing up. It’ll help with those pre-training jitters!

Have fun! And may the force be with you!



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