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Jumping Hurdles

Yes, we are on our way to Disney very soon. But at the moment we are dealing with a few hurdles before we can take off.

Asher came down with a cold on Tuesday, no biggie. He probably caught it at church over the weekend while sucking on toys other children had sucked on (we share the love at Village Church 😉 ) He was already sleeping horribly since he’s popping tooth number 6, but having a snot filled nose just made it worse. Thankfully I have my awesome hydraSense nasal aspirator which seriously works amazing! **If you have a baby, go get one. Cannot endorse it more!** But yesterday he began coughing, except the cough doesn’t sound like a cough. He’s barking, meaning he once again has croup. He woke up once or twice last night having fits trying to catch his breath. Scary, but we’ve dealt with it before and know that the ‘bark is worse than the bite.’ Ha – sorry, I gotta find humor in this somewhere right!? For now we just keep clearing all that mucous out, leave the humidifier running and pray he doesn’t get a secondary infection.


Thanks to the lack of sleep I’ve also been getting wicked headaches. Yesterdays migraine was so bad I felt like vomiting, but I took in some caffeine, two tylonals and laid down on the cold floor while the kids played around me. It eventually minimized to where I could once again function.

Noah has had  a bit of a cough and runny nose, but nothing like his brother. However, all week long he has been asking me for tylonal and saying he’s sick. It’s hard to tell if it was an attention thing or if he really wasn’t feel well, but last night confirmed the latter. He woke up several times crying, telling me that he needed tylonal cause his ear hurt. This time I definitely believed him and gave him the medication, but by the fourth wake up (at nearly 2am) we decided he needed to be seen by a doctor. Matt went off to emerg with Noah and I stayed home with a croupy Asher. Thankfully the boys were home just over an hour later and though the doctor thinks his ear is okay at the moment, he wrote us a prescription to fill if he suddenly spikes a fever or has other symptoms. Ear infections and airplanes do not mix due to the high altitudes, so I’m grateful we have that ready to go if need be.


I’m a little stressed. I know if we should need medical care while down in Anaheim my husbands work has excellent coverage and we’ll be okay. I just really don’t want this stuff to ruin our trip that we’ve been saving for years to do. If you are the praying type, please send some up for us. If not, positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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  • Erica V

    I’ve heard garlic drops in the ears (health food store) work great, especially if the infection hasn’t fully developed. Also, I swear by chiro. Yes, for kids. You have to be comfortable with it but my son use to get chronic ear infections (last winter 3 in the course of 6 wks, 2 were dbl ear) we started taking him to chiro during cold season once a month and its amazing. We go to Fort Family Chiro and see Dr Kelly or Dr Lana both AMAZING with kids and it isn’t this crazy neck cracking stuff…very gentle adjustments. My son now giggles and says it tickles when he gets adjusted!

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