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Keeping Nursing Comfy with Candide Baby!

I always look forward to nursing my babies. It’s not always easy, like when you’re up for the fifth time in a night, when you come down with a case of mastitis or when you have to remember to bring nursing pads with you wherever you go.

But I find nursing to be a time when I’m forced to slow down and really enjoy my latest addition. We snuggle, we make eye contact, and many of those first smiles and coo’s happen during our nursing sessions. In fact, I find it a little sad when that time ends!


One problem that I seem to run into in regards to nursing is a sore neck. I don’t have great posture to begin with, but the constant rocking, holding and nursing of my newborns tends to put a real strain on my muscles. I have to be very conscience of my positioning or else I wake up quite uncomfortable the next day. This is where a nursing pillow comes in real handy!

I received the 3-in-1 Multi-Relax from Candide Baby for our latest arrival and it’s by far the coziest nursing pillow I’ve tried! The material is super soft and it was a much better size than my previous pillow. You can either wrap it fully around your body, or as I often do, bunch it up on one side so that I can both lean against it and support my arm. My husband has even used it when his arms got tired to help hold our little girl!


Had a c-section? Use the Multi-Relax to prop baby up away from your stitches to keep you comfortable! Need something soft to sit on after a difficult vaginal delivery? Use it as a pillow to sit on!

I also used the Multi-Relax towards the end of my pregnancy to support my belly. It can help take the pressure off your back when laying down. Once baby arrives, it can be used as a little seat! There’s a safety buckle which will hold them in an appropriate upright position.


If you’re looking for a nursing pillow that will serve multiple functions, the 3-in-1 Multi-Relax from Candide Baby makes for a great investment. I would especially recommend these for new Mothers who are learning how best to hold and position baby as they learn to breastfeed.

Set yourself up for comfort and success! You can pick up your Multi-Relax at participating Sears Canada locations!

I was sent a 3-in-1 Multi-Relax from Candide Baby in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.



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