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Kids See Free is Fun at Real Canadian Superstore!

kids see free program
After a not so fun visit to the Doctors this past week, I was a tad worried about how my five year olds eye exam would go. The last time he went into a tiny room he had to get a shot! Besides, making a kindergartner sit still in a chair for twenty minutes? Goodluck with that!

But it’s that time of year! After a Summer of no schedules, the end of August is when we get ourselves back into gear. We buy school supplies, purchase cute plaid shirts and jeans, and make sure our kids health is at it’s best!

Where Did We Go?

We visited our local Real Canadian Superstore since they offer the Kids See Free program. This program ensures all children ages 4-10 can receive any frame up to $49 value with polycarbonate lenses free. If you wish to buy a fancier frame or want a special coating on the lenses, than you can upgrade and simply pay the difference.

The Kids See Free program is available at optical departments at Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, Zehrs, Fortinos, Your Independent Grocer, Atlantic Superstore, and Dominion stores in Newfoundland.

Kids See Free

Why Does It Matter?

Approximately 35% of Canadian parents don’t think to get their kids eyes checked before school starts, but it’s a very important of their health! Poor vision can lead to frustration, headaches, tiredness or failure to keep up with their education. It can also be an indicator of much more serious issues.

After our appointment we learnt that our oldest is slightly far-sided. He doesn’t need glasses yet, but we were given some tips and recommendations as to what to watch out for.

Kids See Free

Why a Loblaw Store for Kids See Free?

Our son had an absolute blast during his eye appointment! He did mazes, looked at fun images of birthday cakes and trucks, and watched Winnie The Pooh. He thought it was hilarious looking through big machines and holding plastic spoons up to his face! To be honest, I think he forgot he was having an eye exam at all!

The best thing is, his eye appointment was happening somewhere convenient for our family. While I took my son to his appointment, my husband took the other kids around to grab groceries and look at toys. Afterwards I grabbed myself a sweater from Joe Fresh, and we enjoyed wandering the kitchen and fall decor aisles! It’d be even more convenient if you were waiting on a prescription!

The point of this post is simply to remind you to take your kids for an eye exam. The Kids See Free program is a wonderful opportunity to put eye health at the top of your list for back to school!

Although this post has been sponsored, the views expressed are 100% my own.




  • Mahmood ahmad

    Hi I have son of age 8 years he has serious eye problem they just came from pakistan and we don’t have his helth card now I want his eye exam and I don’t find how to contact u guys his name is rayan

    • momentsinmommyland

      Hi Mahmood! You’ll need to reach out to your local Loblaws store. This eye program happens only in the Fall, so you’d be looking at setting up something for August/September of this year 🙂

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