Les Miserables in Vancouver One Day More

Les Miserables in Vancouver | Do You Hear the People Clap?

When you buy tickets to a Broadway show, you expect to experience some serious talent. What you don’t expect is for the entire production to stop for over a minute in the middle of the show, because the audience won’t stop applauding. That’s exactly what happened last night at the opening night of Les Miserables in Vancouver.

Les Miserables in Vancouver
Photo by Matthew Murphy

Since the story was made into a feature film, hits like “I Dreamed a Dream”, “On My Own”, and “Stars” and “One Day More” have become familiar tunes for all ages, but you simply cannot put into words a live performance of “Bring Him Home” by the incredibly talented Nick Cartell. Never have I experienced such a moment as a theatre goer. I would buy tickets for any show that Mr. Cartell stars in. He’s that incredible, and he’s worth the entire cost of your ticket.

That’s not to say that the supporting cast wasn’t as fantastic. They were! Highlights for my Mother and I included Josh Davis as Javert, Emily Bautista as Eponine, and Joshua Grosso as Marius. Little Jonah Mussolino will capture a piece of your heart as well, so don’t attend without kleenex! Much of the audience was crying through the second half.

Photo by Matthew Murphy

For those not aware, Les Miserables takes place in 19th century France and tells the story of love, war, and redemption. Despite it’s popularity, I advise parents to be cautious about taking young children. The story line deals with topics such as death, suicide and prostitution – and it’s all happening right there in front of you. There’s also some language.

This show is emotionally draining, but that intensity brings out the best kind of talent on stage for those old enough to handle it. If you’ve seen it in the past, know that the sets have changed and there have been a few small adjustments to the story. I wonder if some inspiration had been taken from the film in the regard.

Les Miserables in Vancouver One Day More
Photo by Matthew Murphy.

If you can manage it (because from what I hear, they’re almost gone), get tickets to Les Miserables in Vancouver! It’s only here for a short time and is easily the best cast I’ve seen in a show – ever. I promise you that it’s worth your time.





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