Luna the Newfie | Bringing a New Puppy Home

Luna the Newfie

We got a puppy! Introducing, Luna the Newfie. More specifically, she’s a Newfoundland Malamute X and a total bundle of adorableness. She’s 9 weeks old and we brought her home a week ago yesterday.

As you heard, we lost our Riley Roo in early February to seizures. It was a heartbreaking ordeal to go through and I still miss her every day. And as much as we love our Downie, there was definitely some joy missing in this house.

We had no initial plans of getting another dog this Spring. We knew it was in the long term plans, but we figured we’d dive in to puppy training come Summer. Then we found out our previous dog trainer’s dogs had puppies. Knowing how she cares for her dogs and how much she values behavior, we couldn’t say no to this opportunity. We brought our short haired girl home!

Bringing Home Puppy

We kennel train in this house. She loves her kennel, but only if she can see us from it.

The first few nights were rough. We had her set up in the mud room with a cozy (open) kennel, toys and a pee mat. While she loved her kennel and would sleep in it, she hated to be alone. She cried for hours those first few nights. Separation anxiety is common in puppies, and Luna the Newfie was no exception.

After the advice of several friends, we opted to bring her into our room and keep her in the kennel all night. She immediately settled down to sleep and has done so ever since. She wakes once around 1:30am for a pee break and then again for the day around 5:30am. As far as puppies go, that’s amazing.

How’s The House Training?

I most dreaded house training. It took Riley a good six months to hold it inside the house, so I had done a fair share of pee clean up. Luna has had very few accidents inside. On average, I’d say once a day.

I take her outside every 30 minutes to an hour and she always goes. As soon as she wakes from naps, it’s back outside. It’s pretty obvious when she needs to relieve herself, because she begins sniffing around like crazy. In other words, I consider it my fault when she has an accident, because it means I wasn’t paying attention.

What Does Downie Think?

Downie is so tolerant of her – even when she tries to find milk that’s not there.

Downie loves her! You may not have known this, but Downie actually delivered her own litter of puppies before we got her. Only one survived, as she was a rescue and on her own til just before. She knows how to deal with a puppy though, and doesn’t seem too annoyed by the constant nipping and climbing.

Honestly, I think Downie is just happy to have a companion again. They run around together outside and wrestle on the living room floor. Downie doesn’t seem nearly as lonely, which makes me happy.

Are You Tired?

Yes, bringing Luna the Newfie into our lives has added another level of exhaustion for me. I’m constantly on watch between her, the baby chicks, and my own children. I’m up every day at 5:30am and asleep around 9:00pm.

I keep reminding myself that it’s only a phase and Luna will grow up fast. Soon enough, the chicks in my laundry room will be outside, the dog will be sleeping through the night, and it’ll be back to normal around here.

That is, as long as I don’t get some other crazy idea…



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