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Man! I Feel Like a Woman – Forever Yours Lingerie

Forever Yours Lingerie bag
Can’t wait to start wearing my new beauties from Forever Yours Lingerie!

There are a few things I hate going shopping for; jeans, bathing suits and bras! Problem is, these things are kind of necessary in life. Especially the latter…

I’m a curvy girl, and I’ve always struggled finding a great fit when it comes to bras. I’m also big on comfort. In my past experiences, comfort has equaled ugly. Must a Mom of three resign herself to a plain jane beige bra for those many years of carting around babies on their hips? Forever Yours Lingerie located in downtown Langley, British Columbia says no way! They specialize in making a woman feel like a woman again, so throw those ratty undergarments out the window ladies!

Forever Yours Lingerie isn’t so much a shopping stop as it is an experience. It’s clear the staff working here are not just sales people. They’re passionate about ‘the ladies’, no matter their shape or size.

forever yours 1 (1 of 1)
Come on now, some things are better left unseen 😉

Upon arrival I was escorted into a beautiful fitting room, designated with a personal bra fitter and from there, all the work was done for me! They measured me, asked me about my personal style and comfort, and then discussed what kind of functions I needed these bras to carry out. Would I be running? Would I be nursing? Did I have problems in the past with things like clogged ducts and mastitis? What kind of colours did I like? How about fabrics? Did I know that there are different types of breasts? What kind was I? They clearly knew their stuff and we were quickly able to narrow down my exact size, style and requirements.

And they don’t just sell bras. You can get underwear, hosiery, corsets, sleep wear, swim wear and more, all in this one shop!

Forever Yours Lingerie Dressing Room
Forever Yours Lingerie dressing room. Gorgeous!

The best part? I didn’t have to wander in and out of a change room to try a different fit. I didn’t have to flag someone down to help me grab a size. I didn’t have to stare at rows upon rows of bras, wondering if any of them would even fit me. I wasn’t intimated at all! They made the whole visit so pleasant that I actually enjoyed bra shopping for the first time in my life. I even hung around chatting with the ladies for a few minutes once I was done because they were just so darn friendly!

Forever Yours Lingerie stock
So many gorgeous choices!

In talking with Sonya, the owner of Forever Yours Lingerie, I also learned that they run a program called Supportive Start. They take donations of new and gently used bras from both clients and suppliers and then donate those items to the community, benefiting at-risk woman and in-need woman! What a wonderful way to give back! You can find out more about Supportive Star by visiting their website here.

forever yours lingerie entrance
Welcome to Forever Yours Lingerie in Langley, BC!

My readers told me that Forever Yours Lingerie was the place in the Fraser Valley to shop, and now I clearly see why! If you’re looking for a supportive but attractive bra, some pretty underthings, or a sexy something for Valentines Day, you’ll want to plan a visit asap!

As for me? I’ll definitely be back! Swimsuit season is just around the corner…



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