Medieval Times, Toronto photo

Medieval Times, Toronto, Ontario


I don’t think I’ve ever heard my four year old yell as much as I did during our recent visit to Medieval Times, Toronto! From the moment the lights dimmed until the second they came back on, he was completely enthralled!

Medieval Times, Toronto
Completely enthralled!

Medieval Times is dinner and a show. While you feast, Knights joust and horses prance right in front of you! From our tabled seats in the front row of the circular auditorium we witnessed an epic battle!

Upon entry to Medieval Times, we were given a crown representing our team for the evening. Throughout the show, our Yellow Knight would trot by as we waved our flags and cheered him on! Although our warrior didn’t make it to the final round, we were happy to support the Green Knight in his fight against the evil.

Yellow Knight, Medieval Times Toronto
Our Knight in yellow!


The food at Medieval Times is amazing! You are given a large piece of chicken, tasty soup, garlic bread, potatoes, and corn on the cob. You’re also given a pastry for dessert and drinks throughout the evening. Be warned, you’ve been transported back to another time and place where they do not use utensils, so come expecting to get your hands dirty!

Knights, Medieval Times Toronto
All of the Knight
Getting ready to Joust!
Getting ready to Joust!

There are lots of photo opportunities during your visit. You can take your own photos and video, but there are also photographers around to capture the memories. I do like having one professional picture of our entire group, so it’s a convenient option.

Medieval Times, Toronto photo
Our photo from Medieval Times. If only Ella was looking!

Miss Ella, our eight month old, was named Queen of the Tournament! I will never forget when the Yellow Knight rode over on his horse with a special banner and bestowed it upon our daughter! After the show people were hailing her as the Queen and congratulating her. It was so sweet!

Queen of tournament, Medieval Times
Miss Ella Rose – the Queen of the tournament!

I was genuinely surprised at how much fun we had at Medieval Times, Toronto. I’d love to return again when our kids are older, but I wouldn’t hesitate to take them again at this age!

I’m so excited to offer a family pack of four tickets for one of my Moments in Mommyland readers! As long as you are able to travel to Toronto to attend a show, you are welcome to enter! Follow the Rafflecoptor directions below and may the odds be EVER in your favor!

Attending Medieval Times with Toddlers





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