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How My Life is Different Now | What It’s Like Moving Rural

We’re adjusting to our new way of life out here in cabin country. There have been many wonderful changes as well as a few things that we’re trying to get use to. Today I thought I’d fill you in on those differences, both good and bad, so you can get a better picture of what it looks like.

How My Life Has Changed - Mt. Baker

How My Life is Different Now

  1. The noises are different.
    I don’t hear traffic or sirens, something I became quite accustomed to in our last home. Instead I listen to the wind blowing the tree leaves, frogs croaking in the bush and birds chirping. We even heard a cougar last week, a noise that I could have done without to be honest! At night it’s eerily silent, which is fine when I’m not home by myself. It freaked me out a bit when my husband was away on business for a few days though!
  2. We have to go to ‘town’ if we need something.
    It’s not that town is far. In fact, we’re only ten minutes away from Walmart and Superstore! But there’s nothing except other acreages within that ten minutes. We have to drive to our mailbox and every time a package has to be delivered I get a call from the courier asking how exactly they get to our location.Strawberries | How My Life has Changed
  3. We’re surrounded by natural beauty.
    I wake up every morning to a view of the mountains and love watching the mist and cloud cover over the trees. Our drive to church on Sundays is gorgeous, as we pass several lakes, climb a mountain, and then come back down to a view of the Fraser Valley. The kids play outside among towering trees and I’ve started a fruit and vegetable garden on my deck. My hands get covered in dirt and I’m worn out at the end of the day (the good kind of exhausted.)
  4. We’re cut off from the basics.
    We aren’t hooked up to hydro so we have a well for all our water. So far we haven’t been able to drink the water as it contains too much iron, which leaves lovely orange and yellow stains in our sinks and toilets. We can use it for baths and showers, but we have to get it tested and treated. We don’t have garbage or recycling pick up, so each weekend we drive five or so minutes to the local disposal location and drop it off. At the moment we don’t even have internet, cable, or phone lines. They have to be installed, so right now there is no TV and no computer fun. We’ve been doing a lot of reading, which is actually a wonderful thing!Relaxed Times Together | How My Life has Changed
  5. Life is more relaxed.
    I hoped this would be the case with this move! Perhaps it’s a small town thing, but people out here don’t seem to be in such a hurry. Schedules are more flexible and free, everyone smiles and chats, and our community is helpful and caring. Since moving to a bigger home I’ve also had more time to do what I need to do. The kids spread out around the house playing in their bedrooms, playrooms, or wandering downstairs. We aren’t in each others faces all the time and it’s kind of amazing!Rural Life | How My Life has Changed

There’s a lot that still needs to be done around here. The house isn’t completely finished and all over our property are planks of wood and garbage from trades. We’ll spend the Spring and Summer cleaning it up and making it feel more homey. As eager as I am to get chickens, I think it will likely wait until next year. We will also likely be getting a dog for guarding the property from both humans and animals who decide to wander too close. I’m not a pet person, but I hear dogs are much better deterants than anything else.

My life is different now and I’m so glad we made this move, but I get it’s not for everyone. There are definitely adjustments being made, but I have no regrets about our decision!

What do you think? Could you get on board with a more rural life?



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  • Maxine

    I would love it for a getaway to relax but I have too bad of aniexty to not be walking distance to a store incase of snow or whatever and I love the little bits of traffic sound. I need background noise usually. I am so happy you are loving our town. I could never leave it, its amazing here. I have an almost 6 year old girl and a just turned 2 year old girl, maybe we could do a play date at a park one day when the weather is nicer. I am almost 25 and can be pretty shy haha. I feel like I know you from following your blog for the past few years.

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