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My Postpartum Recovery

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It’s no secret that my third delivery was my hardest. Usually I find the postpartum period to be fairly easy, other then that whole ‘no sleeping’ thing that hits you like a ton of bricks. This time has been completely different in that I’ve been on bed rest for almost a week now. No lifting, no straining… even showering is something I have to be careful of, as being up right for too long could set me back days.

This is all in thanks to that spinal puncture I received with a botched epidural. I’ve never feared getting an epidural, because people get them every day and they are a requirement for many surgeries (including all c-sections.) I know the odds of something happening are 1 in 500, it just so happens that I was that ‘1’ last weekend. It sucks, but sometimes crappy things happen and I’m choosing to simply deal with it and focus on getting better. Many have mentioned to me that I could go back to the hospital and get a blood patch, which involves injecting your own blood back into the hole in hopes of it sealing up the puncture. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this experience though, it’s that I want to heal naturally. I don’t want any more needles in my back and I don’t want to spend more time in a hospital room. I’m trusting my body on this one – something I probably should have done more during my delivery. The hole will seal without intervention as long as I take it easy.

my postpartum recovery
Girl knows how to pout! My postpartum recovery – moments in mommyland

On a more positive note, I’ve healed tremendously well in all other aspects of postpartum. I didn’t tear during delivery and my bleeding has been extremely minimal. I haven’t taken any painkillers in two days. My baby weight is completely gone already and it’s exciting to look down at my tummy and not see it as poochy as it was the previous two times. I cannot wait to get out of pajamas and into real clothes again. I’m even looking forward to getting myself into shape once I’m approved for exercise!

At this point, I’m able to do basic self care for myself and for Ella. I can change her, nurse her, and get myself a snack or simple meal. I am not yet able to sit straight up for more than 20 minutes or so, or the pressure in my head kicks in which leads to a headache. I spend most of my time upstairs in my room, since it’s darker, quieter and I can lay down if need be.

My husband has been a total rockstar. He’s been taking care of the kids full time, cooking, cleaning and basically doing everything but relax considering he’s using ‘vacation’ time. He is fully Mr. Mom right now! Thankfully, Ella is the easiest baby in the world. She literally just eats, sleeps and poops all day. The only time she cries is when her diaper is being changed, and even then it only lasts about a minute. If she’s hungry, she just clicks her tongue. If she’s awake, she’s more than happy to simply take in the scenery of the room or her family. We have yet to get less than six or seven hours of sleep total at night. Usually we are getting eight to nine hours! I pray that continues!

my postpartum recovery
A proud big brother! my postpartum recovery – moments in mommyland

The thing that makes me most sad at this point is that I feel like I’m missing out on documenting this first week of our daughters life. I can’t snap photos of her with my nice camera all day long and I haven’t been able to leave the house for that first walk or first trip to the grocery store as a family of five. I’m hoping that will be us next week. Baby steps…

Thanks for all the love and prayers you have been sending my way. They are so very appreciated, friends!


P.S – In case you missed it,  you can read Ella’s birth story here 🙂



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