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Nursing At Disneyland Resort | Four Easy Places To Breastfeed In The Parks

What’s it like taking a breastfed baby to Disneyland Resort! There seems to be a serious lack of information on the internet in regards to nursing at Disneyland Resort.

Is it a pain to breastfeed while you run around the parks? Where do you go to do it? Are there a private places available? Should you even bother?

First, let me clear up question number one once and for all; No, it’s not a pain to breastfeed at Disneyland! In fact, I found it far easier to nurse than to prepare a bottle. No heating, shaking, pouring or preparing required. I didn’t have to give baby food a second thought when we headed out and it was awesome for keeping our 11 month old hydrated on those super hot days!

Nursing At Disneyland Resort | Rides, restaurants, and baby care centers!
Dark rides make great nursing spots!

You should know that Disneyland is very welcoming to nursing Mamas! Whether you want total privacy, a secluded corner or are comfortable sitting on the sidewalk of Main Street, you’ll have no issues from staff. Several times I just plunked myself down on the side of a walkway and was greeted by nothing but smiles from passerby’s. Disneyland is all about families- it’s all good ladies!

Nursing as Disneyland Resort

1. Air conditioned Restaurants

During our recent trip it reached nearly 40 degrees for the first three days, so heading inside to nurse was the perfect opportunity to get in some air conditioning! It was a little loud and distracting during meal times, but if I went during non peak hours I’d be greeted with a fairly quiet atmosphere. Flos V8 Cafe, Rancho Del Zocalo, and Red Rockett’s Pizza Port were all places we stopped. I had to nurse at Big Thunder Ranch once but found it very awkward. We were seated next to a busy walk way and it was cookin hot since it was outdoors. There’s also the Hungry Bear, which offers shade, especially if you sit in the downstairs area.

Nursing At Disneyland Resort | My recommendations for where to go!
Air conditioned restaurants allow you and baby to cool down!

2. On Rides

This is a very popular option for nursing moms! Though I only nursed once on the Monorail, I’ve heard of others doing so on It’s A Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Ariels Undersea Adventure and the Disneyland Railroad. The rides are long enough to give you 10 minutes or so and don’t usually involve more than 10 people to a vehicle. Nearly any ride that doesn’t have a height requirement or has specific child holding instructions should be good. The Enchanted Tiki Room isn’t a ride, but offers a nice dark atmosphere. Just know that there is a loud thunderstorm at one point.

3. Benches 

There are tons of benches around the parks that offer shade and are stationed off the beaten path. There’s a great corner in Adventureland next to the Jungle Cruise, a quiet area next to Rivers of America by Big Thunder Railroad and another near the Winnie the Pooh meet n greet area in Critter Country. You can also find a few secluded spots in New Orleans Square by the Blue Bayou Restaurant and near the First Aid station on Main Street. In California Adventure there’s a ton of spots in the Hollywood Backlot by Muppet Vision, In Bugs Land near It’s Tough To Be A Bug and in a secluded circle at the end of Buena Vista Street by the Walt Statue.

Nursing At Disneyland Resort | It's not as hard as you think!
Waiting for the parade? Great time to stop and nurse!

4. Baby Center

If you prefer to be somewhere completely quiet and away from others, the baby center is a great place to go! They offer private cubicles and curtained off areas for mothers to nurse in peace, free from distractions. I used it once or twice myself when I was in the area, but would never cross the park specifically to go there. They also have changing tables, small potties for toilet training children and comfortable couches. Oh, and the ladies who work there are total gems! You’ll love them! The Baby Center is located at the end of Main Street in Disneyland Park and right behind Ghirardellis Ice Cream shop in California Adventure.

Nursing at Disneyland Resort | Four Places to Breastfeed in the Parks

Ultimately, I want you to feel confident knowing that no matter your shyness level, there is a place where you can comfortably nurse your child at Disneyland! So don’t let the fact that you’re breastfeeding hinder you from taking that much needed vacation to the happiest place on earth 🙂

Nursing at Disneyland Resort is totally do-able! Now get out there and make some memories!




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