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Nursing in Walt Disney World – Tips To Give You Confidence!

One of my most viewed posts on Moments in Mommyland is Nursing at Disneyland Resort. And so, as soon as we decided to head to Florida with my sixth month old, I knew I needed to also share tips for nursing in Walt Disney World!

Nursing in Walt Disney World Resort – can it be done? ABSOLUTELY! Mamas who breastfeed, I want you to have 100% confidence that you can easily find a place to nurse your little in Walt Disney World, no matter your comfort level!

Nursing In Walt Disney World | Tips To Give You Confidence

Tips for Nursing in Walt Disney World

    • Use the Baby Care Centers
      The Baby Care Centers are located in all four of the Walt Disney World parks and provide you with amenities for babies, toddlers, and nursing Mothers. They are staffed by Cast Members, offer private rooms with rocking chairs for breastfeeding, and also include kitchen facilities, change tables and items for purchase. For an exact location of where the Baby Care Centers are located, click here.


    • Hop On a Slow Moving/Dark Rides
      Slow moving and dark rides were the most convenient place for me to nurse my baby girl, reason being, the older kids didn’t have to wait for us! On this trip, I nursed on It’s A Small World, The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Ariels Undersea Adventure, Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros and Spaceship Earth. It was fun for me, because I actually had something to look at while my little one had lunch! Please note that on certain dark rides, you may be instructed to hold your baby facing forward (ex. Peter Pans Flight & Winnie the Pooh) and so these do not make good nursing rides! Just check with a cast member before entering.


    • Take a Break in Air Conditioned Restaurants
      Never before have I craved air conditioning like I did in Florida! And having a baby nurse against you when it’s hot and humid is not a super enjoyable thing! Therefore, I suggest popping into an air conditioned restaurant so that you can all cool down and have something to eat! If you’re feeling shy, position yourself in a corner table. There are generally many around!


    • Nurse Anywhere and Everywhere!
      That’s right, if you find a spot that seems comfortable to you and your child, don’t feel like you cannot feed them. I have never felt uncomfortable breastfeeding anywhere in a Disney park and I’ve only ever been met with smiles and helpful comments from Cast Members! I actually feel more comfortable nursing there then I do in a mall or airport! Relax, enjoy your surroundings, and know that you have the support of Disney! This is a family place, and they get that you are on vacation too!Nursing In Walt Disney World | Don't stress, enjoy the vacation!

I’ve now taken several trips to Disney Parks with a nursing baby and would not hesitate to do it again. There’s actually a lot of benefits to have a baby who still needs their Mama this way! Breastfeeding is convenient, comforting and keeps your little one properly hydrated in the heat! Besides, babies in Disney make for the sweetest photos!

So pack your bags, nursing Mamas! Go ahead and plan that trip to Walt Disney World! And feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about taking a baby there or to Disneyland Resort in California!





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