Outdoor Playsets from Canadian Tire Review
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Outdoor Playsets and the Simple Joys of Childhood

One of the main reasons we decided to move from an urban city to a more rural location was to have an actual backyard. I wanted my kids to grow up with a yard, just like I had.

Although times have changed and space has become more expensive, an outdoor area for our kids to roam and play was a huge priority for us. So much so, that we were willing to move 45 minutes away from our current town to do it.

Outdoor Playset Review

The first month or two at our new property was full of walks around our property, digging with sticks and finding bugs. We chased frogs, got dirty in the garden, and kicked soccer balls around. This was great fun, but there was something we felt we needed to add. Our boys always enjoyed playing on outdoor playsets at their friends homes, so we knew the eventual plan was to install one here for them.

Outdoor Playsets from Canadian Tire Review

We began researching and found that outdoor playsets had come a long way since I was a kid! They use to be very simple, with a swing and maybe a small slide. The quality wasn’t fantastic and I have distinct memories of watching the iron bars lift off the ground as we swung!

Many of the outdoor playsets now in production are made of solid wood and they come with houses, chalkboards, tables and telescopes attached! Such a great way for the kids to use their imagination and get some fresh air and exercise!

Outdoor Playsets from Canadian Tire
Swings on outdoor playets

We quickly decided on a set from Canadian Tire for several reasons. First off, their selection is great and allowed us to purchase in a price point that was comfortable for us. They are made of solid wood, look cute, and allow multiple children to scamper and swing at the same time. I also loved that you could buy add-on attachments, like something for baby to sit in or trapeze style bars. As our kids grow, we can update the set to work better for them!
Climbing Wall on Outdoor Playsets

The one we chose came with a fun double glider, ¬†two single swings, a slide, a playhouse with a green door, and a climbing wall to the top floor. There was a window on the bottom as well as a bench, where our kids could sit for a snack or play ‘drive-thru’, a favourite game of theirs. It took my husband between 10-15 hours to assemble by himself, but the instructions were clear and the pieces pre-cut and stained.

Outdoor Playsets Bring Simple Joys
Outdoor Playsets fit multiple children

Our kids are so drawn to outdoor playsets! It’s kind of like a moth to a flame. If they see one, whether it’s at a local park or inside a fast food restaurant, they’ve just got to climb up and explore it! It needs to be encouraged, both at school and home.

It’s such a simple joy; to climb, to slide, to swing and feel the breeze on ones face and flowing through ones hair. I even find myself sitting on those swings from time to time! The fresh air, the Vitamin D, and the constant movement and stretching of muscles is exactly what our kids need in a culture full of fattening foods and constant screens.

Wooden Outdoor Playsets for yard

The simple joys of childhood cannot be found on an ipad. No, it’s when our kids run and laugh and swing. This is why we got an outdoor playset.



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