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Don’t Throw Away Money Like You Do Diapers | Pampers Rewards App

We recently returned from a two week vacation. We had an amazing time, but after a while it got a bit depressing scanning that credit card at the registers. Breakfast at the airport? That’ll be 15 dollars for two muffins, please. Pack of lollipops? Yep. That’s $8. Ouch. There’s always something to pay for…

Changing diapers can feel a bit the same. It’s sad watching those diapers fill up the trash, leaving you with nothing but a stink. You’re watching the cost add up and feel like you have little to show for it. Well, except a dry and adorable baby bum; those are pretty cute…Most of the time.

But if you are one of the millions of smart parents out there choosing Pampers products to keep your child comfortable and protected, there’s no need to throw away money like you do diapers.

The Pampers Rewards App

Ever heard of the Pampers Rewards App? It recently been relaunched in Canada and is available for both Android and iPhone! It’s free, easy to use, and they’ll even throw in 100 bonus points for joining.

Here’s how it works: Every time you buy a Pampers product, the package will contain a special rewards code. Simply enter that code (it’s scannable) onto your app, and watch the points add up! You’ll be able to cash those points in for things like toys, books, or photo prints of your bundle of joy!

Pampers Rewards App is scannable
The Pampers Rewards App is so easy to use! You can even scan the code!

The Pampers Rewards App is simply another way that Pampers is thanking you for choosing them to be a part of your parenting journey. They get the stage were in – it’s hard, but we’ll do whatever is best for our baby. And they want to help with that!

You’re buying diapers anyways, so you might as well reap the benefits. Don’t throw away money like you do diapers. Download the Pampers Rewards app today.

Now if only they could add flights and hotels to the Rewards catalogue… *ahem*



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