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I Cried Through a Movie About a Dragon – Pete’s Dragon Review

Pete's Dragon Review - Moments in Mommyland

I was never a huge fan of the Disney animated version of Pete’s Dragon. It simply wasn’t a story that I connected to emotionally, so when I heard that Disney was doing a live-action version I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about seeing it.

I found myself filtering through my Netflix Canada options one night and saw Pete’s Dragon had recently been added. I’d heard good things and was a fan of Bryce Dallas Howard, so I gathered a few snacks and settled in to watch. I guess I was in the mood for a good family film!

Imagine my surprise when five minutes in I was already reaching for the Kleenex. I’m not sure if it was the expressions of the actors or the beautiful and eerie setting of the forest, but I was quickly absorbed in the story like I never had been before. I felt so sad for this boy, Pete, who had just lost his entire family and was alone and frightened in the woods. Then I felt moved by the fact that this dragon, Elliot, had become so protective of him so quickly. They were a team, keeping each other safe and creating a family that both now lacked. I didn’t want to see them separated – ever!

Pete's Dragon Review - Moments in Mommyland

Pete ends up back in the world of humans six years later and quickly finds himself torn between the affection of a real family and his loyalty to his dragon friends, Elliot. But not all people can be trusted and Pete quickly learns who is on his side and who isn’t. After all, a dragon is quite a prize to capture! Who will he decide to stay with?

What I love about Pete’s Dragon and Disney films in general, is that they usually end with a best case scenario. If you’re concerned about your family being left devastated by the ending, don’t be! Without spoiling it for you I’ll simply say that it was uplifting and heartwarming.

You should be aware that the beginning of the film deals with the death of Pete’s family. Because of this, we have yet to show our children the movie. They aren’t ready for that yet.

So yes, I cried through a movie about a dragon, but it was totally worth it! Pete’s Dragon is absolutely worth the watch!

Pete’s Dragon is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD and is streaming on Netflix Canada.




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