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Pregnant in Disneyland – Tips to Make Your Trip Awesome!

Pregnant In Disneyland | It's still worth the visit!

I recently completed my 10th trip to The Happiest Place On Earth. Nearly half of those trips have taken place over the past six years with our babies in tow. Disneyland has always been a magical place for me, but taking my own little children really has upped the magical experiences. Seeing your toddler run enthusiastically into the arms of Mickey Mouse or Tinkerbell cannot be matched!

Our trip in 2015 was a little different though, since for the first time I was pregnant in Disneyand – around 17 weeks along! We’ve always avoided traveling there during pregnancy simply because it means I am unable to go on some of my favorite rides, likes Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain. But because we’ve been there so often lately and because we had gotten a good deal, we decided to do a quick trip as a family of four and focus on the boys. Naturally, we had a wonderful time, and I wanted to pass along some tips for any woman considering taking a trip to Disney during pregnancy.

Pregnant In Disneyland

1. Wear comfortable shoes
This is really the advice I give anyone heading to Disneyland, but it’s even more important when you are pregnant and prone to things like backaches and poor balance. Even with comfy shoes I found myself sore by the time I hit the hour seven mark each day.

Pregnant in Disneyland | Make sure you wear comfy shoes!
Toms are my favorite shoes for doing Disney!

2. Make use of the transit
We stayed at a hotel that the ART (Anaheim Resort Transit) stopped right in front of, which meant that at the end of a long day at Disney I didn’t need to walk another 10-15 minutes back to our hotel. There are also lots of transit systems within Disneyland Park, such as the Disneyland Railroad and Monorail. These can transport you to another part of the park without requiring you to walk 15 minutes through the crowds.

Pregnant in Disneyland | Don't forget to take it easy!
Waiting comfortably for the ART.

3. Stay hydrated
Drink a ton of water! It’s so important to stay hydrated during pregnancy and with all that walking you’ll be doing in the heat, you can very quickly become low on energy and liquids. Besides water, I also really enjoyed getting myself a Frozen Lemonade now and then to keep me cool and up my sugar.

Pregnant in Disneyland | The perfect opportunity to indulge in tasty treats!
Enjoying an Ice Cream Sundae!

4. Take frequent breaks.
Disneyland Resort is a fantastic place to people watch and there are a ton of beautiful spots to enjoy the scenery. Put your feet up in the cool of the shade at the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country and watch the Mark Twain float past or grab a bench near the statue of Walt and Mickey at the hub in front of the castle!

Pregnant at Disneyland Tips


5. Take a ton of photos!
I used Photopass+ to my advantage and had the photographers take several shots of me and my belly with characters and our family. Technically, this was baby’s first visit to Disneyland Resort and I can’t wait to show her the photos one day when she’s older! We even took our gender announcment photo in the Park with Cinderella and the Princess was thrilled to be a part of it!

Pregnant In Disneyland | There are tons of rides you can still do!

6. Enjoy almost all the attractions!

Good news – there is still a lot of attractions you can experience during pregnancy! Carousels, boats, character meet n greets, dark rides… the only things you’ll need to avoid are rides with signs that tell you otherwise, and these usually have a height requirement. I was even able to do Pirates of the Caribbean! Of course, you’ll want to discuss your plans with your Doctor before hand as they really know you and your pregnancy best.

Pregnant in Disneyland | Don't forget to take photos!

Being pregnant in Disneyland really didn’t affect our trip all that much. I walked slower and didn’t stay up late, but I don’t feel as though I missed out on any of the magic. The one thing I will say, is that if you are planning a once in a lifetime trip, try to wait until after baby arrives. Not only will you then be free to experience every aspect of the Parks, but you’ll also have a new member of the family to join in on the fun!

P.S – If you remember, grab a button from City Hall that says ‘We’re Celebrating!’ They’re free and make a great souvenir!





  • Cass

    3 things:
    1) Wonderful tips!!
    2) You’re just adorable. 🙂
    3) That is the most delicious looking ice cream sundae I have ever seen!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your trip even if you had to skip a few of your fave rides.

  • Lisa

    We went to Disneyland when I was 34 – 35 weeks along with our last child. Consider renting a vehicle or scooter just to keep up with your family! We did rent one from Disney and it doubled as a cargo carrier. The downside is that children cannot ride on the lap of an adult and the price is quite high but it’ll potentially save you a walking-induced-labour out-of-country hospital bill. Some insurance carriers will allow you to submit these vehicle receipts for reimbursement as well.

    Disney is all about the little things. There are so many incredible things to look at and explore while the rest of the family waits to ride. There is very little that a pregnant woman can’t do at Disney.

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