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The Best Thing You Can Purchase For A New Mom

Approximately seven years ago, I had my first baby shower. I remember gathering with friends and family, munching on snacks, and smiling for photos despite feeling rather large. It was such an exciting time in my life!

I’ve always loved baby showers. I’m a firm believer that all children should be celebrated, because each is a little miracle! And although gifts aren’t expected, it sure does help Mom and Dad out.

When I shop for a baby shower, I tend to be drawn to the most adorable outfit or baby blanket I can find. Practicality isn’t typically at the forefront of my mind, but it probably should be as a fellow parent. I was given so many outfits that my kids never even wore them all!

The Best Thing You Can Purchase For A New Mom

Think about it; what is the one thing babies go through more than anything? If you said diapers, you’d be right! A recent Pampers survey found that 88% of moms wish they included more diapers on their registry, that’s huge! Remember that phase when your newborn would go through multiple diapers a day?! There’d be times when I’d just put a fresh diaper on one of my kids only to soil it one minute later.  We won’t talk about the moments when they pooped before the new diaper made it on their bums…

Most children will be in diapers until between two and three years of age, so Pampers wants to remind soon-to-be-parents to put diapers on your registry lists. You’re going to need a lot of them!

A lot of friends heading to your shower will purchase items you’ve specifically requested, and it doesn’t get much more essential than Pampers diapers!

Why Pampers? Because they’ve got your back, Moms and Dads! They’re constantly testing their products to make sure they’re meeting customer and baby satisfaction. They’re focused on leak protection, softness, quality, and a good nights sleep!

Looking back, I don’t think I received any diapers at my baby showers, but oh boy, could I have used them! Three kids times three years of diapers is… forget it, my head hurts.

Fellow Mamas, let’s gift parents with the number one thing they’ll use next time a newborn arrives: Pampers diapers!

P.S – Here’s a little infographic to help you out!


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