I shouldn't have said that
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I Shouldn’t Have Said That.

Ever had a moment where right after the words leave your lips, you regret it? You think to yourself, “Whoa, I shouldn’t have said that!” That happened to me last week.

We were having a stressful morning with the kids. My two younger children were screaming and crying over silly things, and we were attempting to get our place ready for carpet cleaning. In a moment of chaos I gave out a loud sigh and said, “UGH! Sometimes I wish I could just run away for a while!”

I shouldn't have said that
We need to be conscience of our words when we’re around our children.

I wasn’t aiming it at anybody. I was exasperated and I tend to express myself in words verses something physical. If anything it was directed towards my husband to hear, but guess who else heard it; My five year old.

Across the main floor, sitting in the kitchen playing with LEGOS, was my oldest child. He looked at me with both confusion and sadness and said, “Mama? Why you want to run away?”

I felt my heart break a little bit. While my husband and I both knew that I wasn’t serious about running away, my child did not. As far as he knows, people only say things they mean. To him, I had just threatened to leave him and his sibling behind because I was annoyed. How scary is that for a child?

We all have bad days. We all need a break now and then, but Mamas, can we please be conscience of our words? Can we think through our thoughts before tossing them off of our tongues so carelessly? Can we make ourselves more aware of the fact that little ears are listening to our every conversation? Processing as best they can at such a young age?

I shouldn't have said that
Sticks and stones…

Our words should build up, not put down. Our words should bring comfort, joy, and security. They shouldn’t be threatening, sarcastic, or condescending. They shouldn’t hurt, and fun shouldn’t come at the expense of other peoples feelings.

After saying what I did, I rushed to the other side of the room and enveloped my child in a hug. I assured him that Mama would never run away from him, no matter what. I apologized for using the words I did and explained how I was feeling. I shouldn’t have said that. He hugged me back, smiled, and then went back to his LEGOS.

You know that saying; Sticks and stones? Words, Mamas. Let’s remember our words.




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  • andria

    Loved reading this friend. Today was one of those days full of crying and whining and I totally felt like running away (to hide at least). Kept your post in my head though so I wouldn’t say anything <3

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