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Sick At Disney? Here’s How To Get Through It.

We got sick at Disney! Like, really sick!

When you travel as frequently as we do, you’re bound to have times of illness abroad. You’re exposed to more people, different bugs, and you may be more susceptible to illness due to varied schedules and diets.

Our most recent trip to Walt Disney World involved the worst sickness we’ve gotten while on a vacation. Our entire family was stuck in our hotel room for nearly three days, and we spent a majority of that time in our beds or in the bathroom.

So what happens when you get sick at Disney? Obviously it’s frustrating to be missing out on all the fun outside of your room, but believe it or not, I’d rather have been sick at Disney than nearly any other travel locale. Here’s why:

We had amazing housekeeping staff at Disney’s Beach Club Resort! Vomiting children suck, but it was sure nice to have someone available all hours of the day (and night) to take away our soiled sheets and bring us new ones! They even sent a message to the front desk staff saying how ill we were and we received a special delivery of balloons and stuffed animals! It really cheered us up!

Sick at Disney? We had access to lots of family friendly tv!
At least we had clean sheets!

We had a TV with non-stop Disney shows and movies to keep us and the kids entertained. We watched Dumbo, Sofia the First and a lot of episodes of The Lion Guard. When we missed the parks, we watched the station displaying highlights from Walt Disney World.

There was room service available and we used it! We were brought ice water, fruit and even pizza with Mickey on the box. The Cast Members set up a little table with a white table cloth and made us feel very special.

Sick at Disney? Enjoy those comfy beds and clean sheets!
Notice the bed rails? Disney Cast Members came to our room to ensure our babies were safe to sleep!

We were able to enjoy how truly amazing our Disney resort was! The beds at Disney’s Beach Club were comfy for our achy bodies, the market downstairs had medications, crackers and dry cereal for our sensitive tummies, and we were able to see some fireworks from the beach. Once we were over the worst, we spent some time resting poolside before venturing back into the parks. I’ve never been so thankful for a wonderful place to rest!

There were laundry facilities on site and we definitely felt the need to run all of our clothes and stuffed animals through a good wash once we were better! P.S – There is a super handy laundry monitoring system where you can check and see how many machines are available and how long their cycles have left. Super convenient if you don’t want to hang around!

Sick at Disney? Stick close to your resort and rest!
We didn’t have the energy to walk through the parks, but we sure enjoyed our time at Stormalong Bay!

In-Room Medical help is available if you need it! I was hit the worst with the virus and nearly passed out on the bathroom floor. A friend called the front desk on my behalf and they sent medics to my room to check me over. If I had needed it, they would have transferred me to an off-site urgent care center, and at that point my insurance would have kicked in for coverage. There is also first aid available in all the parks should you become ill while touring!

Nothing can take away the sting of missing out on your vacation, but when you do get sick at Disney it’s very important that you focus on getting well so that you can get back to the fun (or be okay enough to travel home.) I truly felt that Disney did everything they could to help us heal, and it affirmed my faith in why we choose to vacation there.

Don’t forget to look into your insurance or purchase some before travel so that you are covered in case of emergencies! The last thing you want to worry about when you get sick is how much being ill will cost you when you’re away from home!



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