Snowshoeing on Cypress at night time

Snowshoeing On Cypress At Night | A Fondue Tour Review

Have I ever mentioned that I hate being cold? Like, I really hate being cold. And yet, when an invitation arrived for me to go snowshoeing on Cypress at night, I accepted.

I said yes because I realized that this was one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences. Not only that, but they mentioned the words chocolate fondue to me, and that pretty much sealed the deal. What can I say, I’m helpless when you dangle chocolate in front of my face.

The day for us to go snowshoeing on Cypress Mountain arrived. My husband got off work early, we handed the kids off to Nana, and hit the road. I was viewing this as the ultimate date night. We’d get some fresh air, exercise, and a meal to top off the night. It would likely be gorgeous with the snow falling and city lights twinkling below, so it seemed like a romantic set up.

Snowshoeing on Cypress at night
Ready to head out! Please note that several layers came off within ten minutes of our walk. Wear layers, people!

Snowshoeing On Cypress At Night | The Experience

Okay, so it wasn’t snowing. The night was foggy, but thankfully the rain stopped by the time we climbed to the top of Cypress Bowl. Fast Fact from our tour guide, Will; Cypress isn’t actually a mountain. It’s a ring of mountains that together make up what is known as Cypress Bowl. I’ve lived here my entire life and never knew that. Embarrassing.

Snowshoeing on Cypress at night time
Don’t ask me why my tag says COOKIE MONSTER on it. I have no idea.

After getting snowshoe’d up, we began our ascent into the forest. The first ten minutes were all uphill and I silently cursed myself for agreeing to this tour. What was I thinking? I’m no hiker! But as soon as I began to question my sanity, the ground leveled off and we entered the dark forest with our headlights to guide us.

Snowshoeing on Cypress during the evening
Fast and fun facts with Will, our tour guide for the evening!

The rest of the trek was easy. It was barely a 45 minute walk to the snowy cabin, and we took frequent breaks along the way to learn about trees and wilderness survival. Did you know some trees have sap pimples? And yes, we saw them get popped. So awesome.

Snowshoeing On Cypress At Night | The Food

We had definitely worked up an appetite by the time we reached the hut! We planted our snowshoes in the banks and began stripping off layers upon entering the cabin. As we settled into our tables, we were handed hot chocolate and cider.

Snowshoeing on Cypress Fondue Tour
Our reward for a walk well done begins!

For the next two hours, we dipped meat and veggies in melted cheese and fruit and marshmallows in chocolate. We drank, we laughed, and we talked about how we’d cancelled out all the calories we’d burned snowshoeing. It was a good time!

As tempted as us bloggers were to spend the night posting images and videos to our phones, there was no reception. This was actually a good thing, because it allowed us to simply enjoy the experience!

Snowshoeing on Cypress with a tour
That’s not fondue… but I was really hungry, so I still ate it.

Snowshoeing On Cypress At Night | The Wrap Up

Snowshoeing on Cypress at night group
Our group of happy adventurers! Thanks to Kay (Healthy Family Expo) for the group photo!

Funny thing, the walk back down to the base was barely 15 minutes. Clearly, our trip up to the cabin was more about the journey. As much as I worried in those first ten minutes that I wouldn’t be able to handle this tour, beyond that it was very easy.

If you’re considering going snowshoeing on Cypress, or anywhere for that matter, my biggest recommendation is to wear layers! I wore leggings (I don’t own snow pants), boots, a tshirt, a sweater over top, and a light waterproof jacket. My toque, gloves, and scarf all came off after those few minutes going up hill. I was even tempted to take off my jacket!

If you’re not going on a dining tour, bring snacks and water. You’ll quickly work up an appetite and thirst. And always remember to stay with your group. People get lost wandering off all the time on the mountain and it’s very dangerous.

Snowshoeing on Cypress in the dark
Grateful for this guy who adventures with me!

After my time snowshoeing on Cypress at night, I would definitely go again. It’d be fun to venture off and explore without a guide and make our own schedule. At this point though, my kids are too young. Hopefully in a few years we can take them out for a daytime adventure as a family!

Looking for more fun ideas for healthy fun with the family? Check out the Healthy Family Expo blog. We’re so glad they invited us to this years snowshoeing on Cypress event!



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