Springfree Trampoline Difference - SAFETY
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The Springfree Trampoline Difference | Allowing for Worry Free Fun!

Springfree Trampoline Difference - SAFETY

I didn’t grow up in a home with a trampoline. I heard lots of trampoline horror stories from classmates; kids who’d gone flying off and ended up with concussions or slipped through the springs breaking arms or legs. Not exactly an enticing advertisement to me or my parents to make such a purchase! And yet, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting my friends who did have them.

We’d spend hot afternoons bouncing while as sprinkler sprayed cold water on our faces and then drag sleeping bags out at night to lay on top of and watch the stars. Really happy memories for me that just scream childhood!

We parents love to worry, don’t we? We worry about whether our kids are eating the proper foods, growing at the right speed, or if they’re getting enough sleep. We worry because we love them and it’s our responsibility to keep them safe. So when it comes to adding a contraption that allows your child to bounce high in the air, it’s only natural to research the safest option!

The Springfree Trampoline Difference: Injury Free!

Springfree Trampoline jump

A lot of companies have been doing their best to come up with safer ways for kids to bounce, but none can compete with the Springfree trampoline difference. They’ve actually eliminated 90% of the impact areas that cause injuries while jumping! How’d they do it?

1. They use Mat Rods: Unlike standard medal coiled springs, these rods lay below the trampolines surface, keeping them far away from your jumping child.
2. They have a hidden frame: It’s impossible to touch the frame, since it’s once again located below the trampoline surface and not exposed.
3. They have a SoftEdge™ Mat: No hard edges means nothing hard to collide with! Most tramplines will cover edges with foam that can easily move or fall apart.
4. They have a FlexiNet Enclosure: The rods attached to the netting helps to cushion those jumping and prevent them from falling off. You wouldn’t want to collide with a medal rod, even if it’s covered in foam!

Dr. Keith Alexander spent 15 years creating the Springfree Trampoline difference, allowing children to get physical exercise and express their imagination through safe jumping. The brand has been recognized for numerous awards and has ambassadors behind them such as Rosie MacLennan, the 2012 Olympic gold medalist!

ALL SMILES Springfree Trampoline

The Springfree Trampoline Difference: Worry Free!

It’s because of all these changes to the structure and make of the Springfree Trampoline that I’m able to confidently allow my kids to play on it. For me it’s completely worry free! They can’t fall off, they can’t hit their head on the bars, and they can’t slip through the sides. They jump, they soar, and they explore, while Mommy gets to sit and drink coffee without anxiety! Now that is an investment worth making!


Want to experience the Springfree Trampoline difference in YOUR family’s life? Then you’ll want to enter this amazing contest! THREE lucky winners will win a fully catered BBQ party with Rosie MacLennan (the Olympic Gold Medalist!) in their family’s backyard plus a brand new Springfree Trampoline and some autographed Canada 150 swag!

·         To enter the Contest entrants will be required to comment on the Facebook contest post using #SpringInto150 along with posting a photo of themselves “Jumping for Canada 150” in Canada-themed attire and accessories.
·         No entries through Twitter and Instagram

·         May 3 – May 24 Contestants will submit their entries online using the specific contest parameters
·         May 25 – Winner will be selected at random from submissions
·         May 26 – Selected entrant will be notified via Facebook and will have 24 hours to respond.
·         May 27 – 30 – Winner will be given skill testing question and declaration forms, to be returned by May 29 and 5 p.m. EST
·         Early June – Contest winner will be announced publicly via Springfree Trampoline’s Facebook page.

All contest information including rules and regulation can be found on the Springfree Trampoline Facebook page.

Goodluck, friends! My fingers are crossed for you!





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