Main room inside Stave Falls Powerhouse

Stave Falls Powerhouse | A Gem In Our Community

Part of our oldest boys grade one curriculum is getting to know his community. We’re suppose to study the local wildlife, the people, and the history and landmarks that surround us. Thanks to a recent visit to Stave Falls Powerhouse, we learned that we’re actually living in a very important area of the Fraser Valley!

The Stave Falls Powerhouse is owned and operated by BC Hydro. It’s located between Maple Ridge and Mission in British Columbia and is situated between Stave and Hayward Lakes. This power-generating facility is over 100 years old and considered a National Historic Site in Canada. You may recognize its facade from the many TV Shows and movies that have been filmed in and around the building. It’s also listed as one of the most haunted sites in the province, but I never saw any evidence of that on my visit.

A visit to Stave Falls Powerhouse

I greatly underestimated this place! We live five minutes away and figured we’d pop in to learn about how electricity is generated and used. I wasn’t sure whether the kids would be at all interested and thought we’d be in and out within half an hour. I was wrong! Not only did we learn about power and how it works, we also learned a ton about the community of Stave Falls!

Main room inside Stave Falls Powerhouse

Hayward Lake, one of our favourite Summer destinations, was once where all the workers and their families lived. It explains why their are still various buildings around! The Railway Trail that winds from the Stave Falls Powerhouse down to the other side of the lake was once were train tracks laid. Makes sense, but I’d never known for sure.

Stave Falls Powerhouse is a great field trip for kids!

Stave Falls Powerhouse is extremely child friendly! Upon entry our kids were greeted and each given a scavenger hunt sheet of paper and crayons. As they explore the many hands-on exhibits they check off what they see and are rewarded at the end with a little prize. There are lots of buttons to push and fun photo opportunities inside and outside of the powerhouse. A highlight for our crew was an electricity and lightning demonstration in the dark! The guide was awesome about asking my kids what they saw and made it really fun for them. So educational!

A demonstration at Stave Falls Powerhouse

I now have a new appreciation for the community we’ve chosen to raise our children in thanks to Stave Falls Powerhouse. This is one of the really cool things about homeschooling; we’re learning right along with the kids!

I highly recommend a visit to the Stave Falls area if you have a chance. Head to the Powerhouse in the morning and then spend the afternoon down by the lake! Check the official website for opening hours.

Stave Falls Powerhouse in BC is worth the visit!

Please note: While the Powerhouse at Stave Falls is a National Historic Site of Canada, the Visitor Centre itself is a self-sustaining organization and doesn’t meet the criteria to be part of the Canada 150 Passport Program for free entry into National Parks.



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