Stay in a Castle at Ackergill Tower

Why You Should Stay in a Castle on Your Next Vacation

Have you ever dreamed of booking a stay in a castle? I have, and to be honest, I wasn’t even sure that was a thing. Surely sleeping in a castle would be ridiculously expensive, right? It doesn’t have to be.

While researching accommodations for our upcoming trip to Scotland, I realized there are entire websites dedicated to this kind of vacation. I began chatting with the team and was given various options all over the UK and Ireland.

Did I want my stay to be authentic or luxurious? Would I like to have my own kitchen or was a Bed & Breakfast okay? Would I prefer to be near the city or somewhere more isolated? I had no idea there were so many options!

Stay in a Castle at Ackergill Tower
Watching the Northern Lights during your stay in a castle could knock many items off your bucketlist at once!
Photo: VisitScotland

How to Narrow Down Your Stay In A Castle

You’re going to have to stay somewhere. If you’re heading to the UK, chances are you plan to visit at least a few historical and cultural sites. A walk through of a castle tends to be at the top of most tourists lists, so why not fully immerse yourself in the experience by sleeping in one!

Start by narrowing down the areas you plan to visit. Unless you dream of spending a few days in quiet isolation, you’ll likely want to stay in a castle somewhat close to attractions you hope to see.

Next, find out which castles allow children and/or have the space for them. You may have to look into connecting rooms or other options, such as cottages with kitchens within the grounds. The staff over at Celtic Castles can help you with that.

Lastly, decide if you’re okay with just a room or if want to rent out the entire castle. Yes, you can do that! You’ll need to up your budget substantially or share it with another family, but there are many castles that offer complete rentals of the property.

stay in a castle | Bovey Castle
How do you take your tea? You’ll feel like royalty when you stay at Bovey Castle.
Photo: CelticCastles

Where To Stay With A Family

Try Culzean, a picturesque Castle perched on the top of a cliff in Ayrshire, Scotland. This once Medieval Fortress originally belonged to the Kennedy family, descendants of Robert the Bruce. Boasting a red carpet oval stairway, an armoury, multiple drawing rooms, a library, and a kitchen straight out of the show, Downton Abbey, you’ll feel like a member of the Crawley family.

Looking for something more private and scenic? Cottages are available for rent at Ackergill Tower, a Castle far North in the Highlands of Scotland.  These self-catering out buildings hold anywhere from 2-10 guests and include their own kitchen. Spend your days wandering the shore line and enjoying a peat fire.

Celtic Castles | Your stay in a castle
It doesn’t get more magical than staying on the banks of Loch Ness and spending your days watching for Nessie!
Photo: CelticCastles

Aldourie Castle gives visitors the option of staying within one of it’s 15 fairytale rooms or in a cottage on the grounds. Situated within a short walk to the banks of Loch Ness, your family can spend the evening trying to spot Nessie, the famous and friendly Scottish lake monster. Added bonus, it’s only 4 miles from Inverness city.

Dating back to the 12th century, Tulloch Castle is one of the few with a room for five! Be the Laird of the land in this magnificent fortress, with all the comforts and fine dining options of a hotel. Do you believe in ghosts? You best watch out for the Green Lady. Legend says she still hangs around in the halls.

Sitting on 275 gorgeous acres on the English countryside, Bovey Castle is a 5 star experience that comes with a Spa and golf course. The prices are surprisingly affordable and the service is top notch. They offer discounted rates for those traveling with young children, and there’s even a chauffeur available to come collect you!

stay in a castle at Tulloch
Looking for something authentic? Check out Tulloch – which even comes with a resident ghost!
Photo: CelticCastles

Why Stay In A Castle

Sure, you could book a standard hotel. There’s nothing wrong with finding a basic and affordable base for your day of exploration. But if you really want to experience the history you came to see, it doesn’t get better than this. It’s unique, it’s memorable, and it’ll likely be the highlight of your trip.

The question shouldn’t be if you’ll stay in a castle, it should be which one.




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