Stranger Things Season 2 Review
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Let’s Talk About Stranger Things Season 2

Okay, guys. Let’s talk about Stranger Things Season 2.

I was a huge fan of the first season. I love a show that makes me jumpy but isn’t actually scary. I love how it sucked me in and made me wonder what was going to happen next. And I loved how how important the Duffer Brothers made character development.

In these ways, Stranger Things Season 2 is no different. I still think the cast is fantastic. In fact, I think this season is showing off their serious acting chops even more.

Stranger Things Season 2 Review

Stranger Things Season 2 – The Story line

Unlike the previous season, Will Byers is no longer stuck in the Upside Down. He’s back in the real world with real people, but he’s still somehow connected to the creepy Demogorgon. His poor Mother (and Hopper – the sheriff) are trying to figure out how to help him, and his friends are trying to take down the creatures that lurk in the shadows of their town.

Nancy and Jonathan team up again to expose the truth about what happened to Barb. I love that the Duffer Brothers took the whole #JusticeforBarb thing seriously. The pair are also forced to examine their own relationship while on a road trip.

Meanwhile, Eleven is trying to find her place in this world. She’s got people who love her, but she’s angry about her past. Does she risk her safety in order to help those around her?

Stranger Things Season 2 – The New Guys

They’ve also added a few extra characters to round out Stranger Things Season 2. Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) was a nice surprise! He plays Joyce Byers nerdy boyfriend who unknowingly gets involved in the drama. He’s super caring, smart, and just wants to help however he can. That being said, I think he loves Joyce a lot more than she loves him. Poor guy.

Max and Billy are also new. They’re a teenage brother/ sister duo who show up and change the dynamics at both school and the kids social world. Max is drawn into the tight knit group of Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas and causes a bit of a love triangle. Billy is a straight-up jerk. I get that some people think he’s a bit of an 80’s heart throb but I still don’t like him.

Paul Reiser (Mad About You) was another great surprise. He’s playing a Doctor over at the lab who genuinely seems to care about what’s happened to Will and his family. But what is he capable of once the secret of what’s going on at the lab gets out?

Stranger Things Season 2 – Additional Thoughts

A few notes and warnings about Stranger Things Season 2. It took a while to get things going. With the first season I was immediately sucked in. This time around it took about four episodes to get hooked. Season 2 picks up a year after the initial story, so they spent a lot of time establishing what happened since then and it did get a tad boring.

Language warning! There weren’t any F-bombs, but did they really need to increase the amount of swearing? Especially from the kids! My mom mentioned that 80’s movies did tend to go a bit heavy on this thing and I know they want to be reminiscent of that, but still. It brings down the enjoyability level for me a lot. It also means my kids will have to wait even longer til they’ll be allowed to watch it.

Final thoughts… Stranger Things is one of the few shows my husband and I enjoy watching together. It’s got action, suspense and humor. The acting is great and those kids are super talented.  It’s too bad they only do 9 episodes a season. It’s stupid fun, and I’m curious about where they’ll go with it from here.

What did you think of Stranger Things season 2?



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